Earn Points?

Wtf is this now? “Earn x points”…



Amazon is going into the ‘way back’ time machine for marketing now…

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I saw the points and I did not understand what it was.


We would think that Amazon will be offering a free book (most likely digital) when one obtains X amount of points.

Exactly :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up:

You’d think they’d at least add some indication of what it’s for and how it’s used anywhere on the page. No links whatsoever and no mention on NSFE.

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I just assumed it had to do with cash back if you have a cash back card with amazon?

Lately I’ve been seeing the 6 percent cash back option if I choose slower shipping…I already get 5 percent back with my Amazon card and so I’m not sure if it’s only an additional 1 percent or 6 in addition to the 5? Eventually I’ll test it, just have to wait till I want to order an item I don’t care when it comes lololol….but even then if I can remember to see when/where/if it gets applied. I still have never figured out where those credits for choosing slower shipping inbound to fba ever applied lololol.

I’d rather they go back to their $1 digital credit for slow shipping.


Buyers can link their credit card rewards programs to their Amazon accounts, earn points on purchases, and then redeem those points on future purchases.

From the Buyer side: Account > Payments > Shop with Points

Shop with Points

Use your favorite rewards points to shop at Amazon.com

Use points for what you want

Instead of redeeming your hard earned points on a limited number of items, use them to purchase what you want by choosing from Amazon.com’s vast selection.

Seamless shopping experience

Shop with Points is a seamless part of the Amazon.com shopping experience you know and love. Simply choose to apply points at checkout, and you can even set points to apply to all purchases automatically.


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Also you never really want to spend your points if your credit card has a cash back option.

For example. I spend $100 on Amazon I get $5 amazon rewards or I can choose cash back on my credit card statement.

Now if I spend that $5 rewards on Amazon I’m missing out on earning 5 percent of that purchase ($.25). So I always get cash back. 25 cents might not seem like a lot….

But if you spend say $10,000 a year on Amazon with 5 percent back that’s $500 cash back. If I spent that $500 on Amazon instead of cash back on my statement I miss out on accumulating $25 reward.

Hopefully I’ve explained it clearly.


I have the Amazon Prime credit card issued by Chase. This promotion gives the additional 1% back for certain orders, so added to the original 5%, that transaction earns 6%. My online Chase interface shows exactly what each transaction earns: 1%, 2%, 5%, 6%, whatever. And I do monitor that (just a little OCD here)

While I miss the old promotional credits for movies, I will admit that I have let more than one chunk of change expire under that system.


Good to know that it’s only an extra 1 percent thank you! I’d rather have it faster than wait a week for the extra 1 percent lol. Spent $50 on various things to keep the kids occupied two days ago…was hard enough for my kids to wait just the two prime days…to wait an extra week for fifty cents? Lololol that’s a hard pass.

Amazon is going to have to figure out another way to reward me if they want me to accept slow shipping lol. I really sound entitled but Amazon has spoiled me what do you expect :joy:

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