eBay Customer Support Phone Number & CS Rep Questions - Feedback Removal

We call eBay routinely, often to get some negative feedback removed.

It is such a hit/miss solely based on the rep you are getting.

Last week had to call three times to get a single issue resolved

  1. 1st Call Customer Service Rep was dead wrong in regards to policy about a local pickup return
  2. 2nd Call - Got the same rep - I hung up
  3. 3rd Call - New Rep - Resolved within 3 minutes

My question for other eBay sellers is do you just call the 877-322-9227 number? It seems this line services both sellers & buyers. But I have had support in the past that said they are more of a seller-oriented “concierge”.

So, is my only option what I am already doing? Or is there another number or way to reach out to a more knowledgable seller-oriented representative?

For the once a year I need support, I get my result using chat. Since the last issue was Ebay censorship of the items I had listed, the result was predictably unsatisfactory.

On the rare occasions I have received negative FB, Ebay has automatically removed without any action on my part.

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