eBay execs targeted Steiners of *eCommerce Bytes* for sick harassment

Steiners of ecommercebytes on CBS 60 Minutes now est

They are telling the story of the harassment by eBay.

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Full text
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It is over now in my time zone, but available online (hope it’s ok to post the link)

Investigation into eBay
continues after stalking
scandal | 60 Minutes
(Investigation into eBay continues after stalking scandal | 60 Minutes - CBS News)


I need to watch that - it was trending on Twitter last night.


I need to watch it too, I missed some at the beginning. I was surprised to see investigation still continues, I thought that was done.


Given the notoriously poor management of Internet companies, there is a chance this was not a conscious effort of Ebay. Big tech is a scumbag magnet.

If lack of moral values was reason to clean house at Internet companies, there might be no management left.

IMO the Cosa Nostra is more honorable. Not sure if the Camora is.

Won’t be long before we are streaming the Internet based series based on the Untouchables or The Godfather - updated/


Good poop, I didn’t pay much attention to this story, but WOW eBay.

Imagine what is happening within Amazon, as we know what happens outside of Amazon just with 3rd party sellers.



The Steiners were put through hell, just for the egos of a few a$$hole executives who couldn’t handle criticism.

They were very strong and handled it all admirably. All hats off to them. Sellers on all platforms owe them gratitude, IMHO.


I have signed up for their newsletters based upon the 60 mins interview


Found this story, without a paywall that gives a good start to the abuse.

I prefer to read, rather than watch… Only half way through it, what a read, what a horrifying experience.

Wonder if we could get ecommercebytes to cover SellersHelpSellers, the story is engaging based on the OSFE/NSFE change and abuse.


I was thinking about this also. Not sure the best way to go about it without it feeling like a “shill”


The segment was recorded on my DVR by PrimeTime feature. I watched it and was disturbed that I was selling on a platform that would do something like that. I hope they removed all the rotten eggs.

I wish there was a way to get “sellerasksellers” out to other Amazonians that are suffering over “yonder”. I take a peek occasionally and a LOT of the new sellers don’t have a clue. Maybe they can find it by “hint” like I did. It took me 3 months to get here! :laughing: :laughing:


That poor couple, I can’t believe what I just read; it’s horrific, pure terrorism.
I hope all parties involved are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and the couple is rightly compensated for their emotional distress.


They are only a half hour drive from us. However, I guarantee I would never go to their home! I feel so sorry for the abuse they have endured. Running our own positive local news service, we did have people that did not like what we were doing. No one went to the extremes that ebay did.

I do think the story, is a David and Goliath thing, if not today, it will be one day. The interest in how not to change an ecommerce forum, for an ecommerce company and sellers is great. At least I think so. With facts presented, people can draw their own conclusions. Be it good or bad for Amazon or SellersAskSellers.

But that is the marketing side of me.


I hope they got a decent payday for enduring all of that.


Pay Days are one thing, I just hope they have their sense of security back. That is paramount.

And I hope that those that were charged with the crimes actually are sorry for what they did, not just sorry they were caught.

I’m very glad they live in a community that the local PD cares and took the case seriously!


WOW. Some excerpts:

if the cops knew about Zea and had contacted eBay and the harassment still hadn’t stopped, it meant the company was likely provoking them on purpose. It was a devastating thought. eBay was one of the largest companies in the world. The Steiners couldn’t fight it. They weren’t even sure the Natick police could. “They can crush us,” Ina told David. “They can destroy us.”

While she had spent years working in her Natick office, focused intently on any news coming out of eBay, it turned out that 3,000 miles away, inside the massive and modern eBay headquarters nestled among the pine trees of San Jose, California, CEO Devin Wenig, who ran the $40 billion company, was also fixated on her.

Wymer immediately wrote back, “We are going to crush this lady.” One month later, Wenig fired off a text to Wymer with a singular directive: “Take her down.”

Ina and David are not sure they’ll ever shake the sense of dread they feel anytime someone—anyone—appears at their front door.


I recommend the read because there is a lot more information. I read it sometime last year so it was nice to have faces to go with the names. I knew the story and thought it was interesting that CBS was telling it on that show. Not a good look for eBay’s reputation with the general public.


I wonder what the civil suit settlement looks like?

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Not enough money in the world, based on the information presented.

That and it appears in the end the “Big Guy” gets off. Unequal justice under the law, in my opinion.


Issue a Press Release, submit a copy to ecommercebytes.