Ebay - How to exclude Puerto Rico from Domestic Options

It now appears that Puerto Rico is, or has, been included in the Domestic shipping options. I currently offer USPS Priority Mail for $4.99 and UPS Ground for $3.99 flat rate. This works fine for me on all US orders, except the Ground rate for Puerto Rico is very expensive. Is there a way to exclude Puerto Rico from domestic flat rate options?


Further research:

If I use Calculated Shipping and offer USPS Priority Mail, FedEx 2Day, and UPS 2nd Day Air, those options do not show up for Puerto Rico.

If I use Flat Rate Shipping, these do. The problem is that flat rate to Puerto Rico is wildly different for FedEx 2Day and UPS 2nd Day Air…



There is an option to Create exclusion list on the bottom when you create a new shipping policy.

You could exclude all US Protectorates.

Click for image of Create exclusion list

Click for image of locations to exclude


I need to keep Puerto Rico as we do a fair amount of sales there.

I did some more digging and found that Domestic Flat Rate Shipping includes Puerto Rico, and Domestic Calculated Shipping excludes Puerto Rico.

My international shipping options never appear for Puerto Rico.

I tried a Rate Table but that won’t engage.

FWIW, Ebay recently added Puerto Rico to the Ebay International Shipping program. I wonder if that goofed this up.


Further observations:

Puerto Rico appears as an individual country within the “Shipping, returns, and payments” tab on the product listing page, and on other listings with identical shipping settings, it is not listed as an individual country.


I have the OPPOSITE problem since eBay sent me an announcement that they had now moved PR to INTERNATIONAL.

I have several brands that I am not permitted to ship internationally so I suddenly stopped seeing orders from there and had one regular buyer write asking WHY I was no longer selling there.

It took an hour and a couple calls to eBay to find the location where I could ‘unlock’ the block on PR and all the other Protectorates and Territories.

The message!

I understand why they would do this since too many sellers refuse to ship there but it was a profitable location for my items since there is/was so little competition.

NOW, sellers can ship to eBay and eBay absorbs all the risk and extra costs!
But my brands could kill my account if I used that system!


Where did you unlock the block?


Great. Make me try to reconstruct what I had to do… :rofl: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I went into my shipping template and clicked on the edit policy.

Scroll down to the ‘exclude shipping locations.’

Then at the bottom click on that “edit exclusion list”

That will open the various regions. UNCHECK Central America and Caribbean to open the list!

Scroll down to PR and uncheck it!


I then had to go to the other regions to uncheck the other Territories and Protectorates. Some DO require Customs Forms but they all go by USPS so there is no ‘international’ shipping costs!


Thanks very much for that! Doesn’t appear I’m missing anything. I think Ebay just needs to clean up their end.