eBay INR tracking shows delivered


I’ve been lucky not to have an eBay INR until now. The tracking shows delivered on the porch. The home may not be in a good neighborhood, it has bars on the windows and doors.

I tired to call the post office, no one answered. I see there is an eBay Money Back Guarantee that appears to only be for the buyer. I did buy shipping from eBay.

Do they expect me to refund when tracking shows delivered? The help only says this: “Report any missing packages to the shipping carrier you used — they may be able to help.”

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You’re covered.

Just have the customer open a INR case with eBay. It will go to review and you will not be held liable. So long as the tracking shows delivered.

I get many of these a day.

This is a huge difference between eBay and Amazon. eBay will have your back when tr# shows delivered.


I have been getting a fair share myself; thank goodness they are quickly resolved and covered as long as tracking shows delivered.

@primetime when responding to the INR it will prompt you to re-enter/update the tracking info.

You are also required to enter the following info:

Evidence of successful delivery
We require all of the following to prove a successful on-time delivery:

  • Tracking number from an integrated carrier which was uploaded to eBay and shows a shipping scan before the latest estimated delivery date
  • A delivery status of “delivered” or “attempted delivery” (or equivalent in the country to which the item was delivered);
  • The date of delivery or attempted delivery;
  • The recipient’s address, showing at least the city/county or zip code (or international equivalent) that matches the one found on the Order details page; and
  • Signature confirmation on orders with a total cost of $750 or more.

Here is eBay Money Back Guarantee policy


I’m not sure where to do that? I clicked on the See Details link and there is an update tracking radio button but not a prompt so not sure if I’m on the right page. Even though the tracking on the order shows delivered and I bought postage from eBay I need to provide it again?

Is there supposed to be a place for me to enter date of delivery and address?

This is the message I received:

Your buyer opened a request: Request 5315312268

Only link is this


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What happens when you click on see details?

It should take you to another screen and ask you to update or confirm the tracking info, and then underneath there is a field where you can include the carrier/delivery/address info.

It looked like this, except now it says I’ve updated the tracking. It also said the order did not have tracking added but it did and still does.

So I updated here and the next screen asked for carrier and had a comments box. I copied the tracking results from USPS website in the comments box:
Delivered, Front Door/Porch
April 18, 2023, 12:34 pm

It is sending this information to the buyer I believe. But the buyer already knows tracking shows delivered. I have a request in for a phone call to be sure I am doing this correctly. It does not feel intuitive to me.

Did you highlight the box :white_circle: “Update tracking details for the buyer”…?

When you select the circle, it will have a field to copy and paste the tracking number into

And then, in the comment box, you add all the details just like you did.

That is all we do, and we have never had an issue or lost a claim.

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Yes that is what I did. The rep confirmed I did it right. I was expecting to see a place to input the shipping address in addition to the tracking and comment box. And I was concerned because the update tracking page said there is no tracking associated with this order - but there clearly is when I look at the shipped order. A glitch I guess.

Thank you and @Default_Username for all the help!

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I just started back selling on Ebay. I also was wondering how INR worked on Ebay. I did a search for “Ebay” to find the answer and came upon these GREAT replies.

I am so GLAD I found the “SellersAskSellers” forum. The assistance here is SO GOOD… I feel like I should be paying a fee :laughing: :grinning: :yum:


Well you could always join the @Pepper_Thine_Angus unofficial fan club…

Mail a money order and self addressed stamped envelope to…

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My INR went fine - easier than Amazon. The buyer opened a case with eBay; eBay saw the tracking showed delivered and denied the refund. I did not have to do anything, I just told the buyer to contact eBay. I did buy my shipping through eBay.

First email from eBay:
Case # 5xxxxxxxx8: Buyer contacted Customer Service

The buyer has asked eBay Customer Service to review this case and make a final decision.

We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Second email:
This case is now closed

We reviewed this case and have closed it without any refund to the buyer.

The case will not affect your seller performance. Any feedback left for this transaction will be removed.

We received tracking information that shows the item was delivered to the buyer’s address.