eBay International Shipping - We'll Take it from Here

My mind is blown on how eBay handles International selling compared to any other site we are on. If you are thinking of adding global shipping but are weary, don’t be. eBay will have you covered.

We received a claim today for an international shipment. Here is the email we received this morning from eBay…

We want to let you know that your buyer opened a request because they haven’t received their item.

We see that the item has reached our shipping hub and is on its way to the buyer. We’ve got it from here. There’s nothing you need to do. We’ll take care of delivery, resolve any further issues, and inform you when the request is closed.

Here is what you will receive if an international customer wants to return an item through the EIS…

We’re contacting you about a return request your buyer opened for XXXXX

This order was sent through eBay International Shipping, so we handled the return on your behalf.
You don’t need to take any action and you won’t be charged for this refund.

If you have questions, please reach out. We’re here to help.
Thanks for being part of the eBay community.

This order was for $189.95 and eBay just took care of it, no questions asked.

My mind is blown how they are handling this program. It may change in the future, but for now…
Bravo, eBay, Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:


I’ve never had a problem with eBay not covering an INR or resolving an issue. I’ve been very impressed with how quickly they are handled; I also appreciate that buyers can’t leave negative feedback if eBay sides with you…what a concept!

We received our first payment dispute last week.
The buyer purchased the same item twice (purchased 2 days apart) and it’s possible they were pending (under his bank) and then posted on the same day. Being the exact same amount could seem like a duplicate charge or he made a mistake and forgot he had already ordered it.

Regardless there are 2 tracking numbers and both show delivered. I hope Ebay does a good job in providing evidence; banks are known to often side with the customer but they should be able to see that the charges are from different days/transactions, so it’s strange the bank would even dispute this. :thinking:

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It’s been years since we’ve had a payment dispute on ebay. Hopefully it will all work out on your end. If anything ebay will probably cover the cost if they lose with the bank.

I’ve never had a chargeback on Amazon but what I’ve noticed over the years is the initial chargeback is (almost) always defended successfully by Amazon.

However, If the customer disputes it or the bank submits it a second time then the seller will automatically lose and funds taken from their account. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a post where the seller won on a second CB submission. I can only conclude that Amazon can’t be bothered to defend it a second time and has their system set on bank auto-granted.

We too, have never had a Chargeback for any of our Amazon Offers*, so I have no personal experience with them on Amazon - but like you, I’ve followed threads about them (all the way back to the Soapbox days in my case) w/ keen interest, and I’ve reached the conclusion that your take is the most-likely explanation for what we all commonly see from the ASF posts/threads in ‘second dip @ the trough’ cases like these.


For that matter, we’ve only had one A-to-z Claim on this SoA Account in all our years, filed 10Jan2016; it was quickly withdrawn (on the 11th) by the member of the Buyer Community, because they’d simply gotten a little bit antsy & didn’t understand EDD, and were honest enough to rescind when the Order actually arrived the next day.

I largely attribute our luck in regards to A2Z to a judicious selection of what we will offer on Amazon, as opposed to what we are comfortable with selling on other venues - generally speaking, the primary criterion in that regard is Purchase Price itself, but we also factor in demographical probabilities to avoid making offers of goods that exhibit a tendency to attract dishonest buyers.

In a variance from our usual policy - “No Return, No Refund” - in that situation I played “Refund Monkey” and supplied a relatively-rare Customer Courtesy Concession of the full purchase price + shipping charges after the claim was withdrawn; a few hours prior to that happenstance, in our representation to Amazon, I (rather-begrudgingly, since I knew we weren’t in the wrong) “fell upon my sword,” & let them know that we would be doing just that regardless of the decision’s outcome

I cannot state with any certainty that this played any role in the apparently superior-to-many-another’s- experience in regards to being shown a marked degree of “Amazon Love” - but I sincerely believe that that occurrence, and several subsequent ones where the most-likely culprit was quite obviously to be most-likely due to an error by this or that FC/DC/RC/SC’s Returns Grading Team, may well have earned the ‘gold star’ that we seemingly sport in Amazon’s eyes (knock on me wee little wooden noggin).

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Although I would not strongly oppose the suggestion of Amazon minimizing its efforts on the second chargeback dispute, I view it is more likely that the buyer made a change in their representation of the dispute to reflect the reason why they lost, and Amazon sent the same respresentation as the first dispute.

They may have shifted their representation of a service/delivery dispute to a quality of merchandise dispute, and since Amazon does not tell you what the buyer’s complaint is, you are unlikely to have a response which covers quality of merchandise issues.

I do not believe that the bank employee will do any more reading on past disputes than an Amazon Seller Support rep.


Had an issue with a guy trying to return an item as defective after being sent to a freight forwarder. This is an item that can’t be shipped out of the US by any retailer.

He opened a case, Ebay issued the return label. I called ebay and they saw the communication (OMG actually spoke to someone) and said that they doubt he will return it as the label is only good if shipped from the receiving address but since he violated the terms of the sale if he does return it no refund.

As predicted, never sent it back.

I have had people do multiple chargebacks on some items (single use disposable medical items, cannot be returned per Federal law, must be disposed of in Biohazard. They didn’t like the concept of spending money on an item that has to be disposed of ). 3 is the charm. Amazon doesn’t bother to defend after the 2nd one.