eBay will disclose Seller Addresses this summer

Following Amazon, eBay will now comply with the INFORM Act this June.

Interestingly enough, there is a small exception:

If your address is your residential address, only your state and country will be shown.

Full address display will be triggered by over $20k in annual ebay sales

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That easy, eh?

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I think it’s also “And/Or ### Of sales”

But yeah

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Sorry, it was just a comment on the wording.

Saying it that way means that full display of address triggers the $20,000 sales.
Rather than sales trigger the address display.


Your right, I just read it again, I forgot a “be” and some other things! Adding it in for others!

I certainly wish Amazon had made the same exception.


Else people would be clamoring to add more addresses :wink:

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It seems like they could have but intentionally chose not to. Same with $20k caveat.

As I said repeatedly on the OSFE, I never mind my customers having my address and fully believe they are entitled to it.

It’s my competitors that I don’t trust and who are not entitled to that info. I’m not saying that they can’t find me; I just don’t like making it any easier for them than having it on my packaging.

And this remains a very different type of exposure, than the absolute doxxing on the NSFE–a distinction which some Sellers also appeared to fail to understand.


The reason I do not want my address is because of bad actors/home invasions. You can’t see the pistols and shorty 12’s I have hidden around the house but they are there within easy reach for me. I do not tell my neighbors that I sell and what I sell because I don’t want the word to get around.

Exactly. It’s a whole security thing. And yes, there are plenty of ways to protect ourselves at home or at work (security systems, weapons, etc), but we would all also like to minimize our risk upfront, too.

Prevention > intervention.


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