Editing a Product Details and Going in Circles



OMG – today I got told to delete about 8 SKUs against ASINS that I created and re create them after 24 hours.

I said "that’s not a good answer because all of the reviews would get lost’

But I think I’m wrong about that part because the reviews should be against the ASINs not the SKUs right?




Another question.

So I delete the SKU – which is what they are saying.

I have to create another SKU.

But I should use the same UPC Code that I originally assigned.


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This may not apply to handmade, but generally when you delete the sku, you create a new one on the same ASIN that is still tied to the original UPC (and keeps all the reviews). So you are creating a new offer with the new sku, on the same item. The ASIN should remain with it’s description, bullets, etc.


Another issue that arises when doing this with book listings is that editing now gives Amazon the opportunity to tell you that you “need approval” to sell this brand.

I generally apply and get approval instantly (as do most sellers, probably), but the other day I snagged one that needs “invoices.” So that one is no longer on Amazon.

Once you hit “edit,” of course, that’s it. You can’t back out of it. Your foot’s in the trap, your die is cast, and your ship is sunk.

If I had just left it alone… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These are market place items under my brand.

Years ago – there was a thing and I forget what it was called but like one person’s content was controlling over other seller’s inputs.

With my recent experience of my main picture getting suppressed, the listing reverted to a very old version of photos and content. So somewhere, somehow Amazon has that all in their system against an ASIN. I’m just not convince deleting and creating a new SKU will work IF the product feed ID is tied to the ASIN and not the SKU. So I’ll have to pick a victim and give it a try


All I’m coming up with is “detail page control.” Which many of us had for quite a long time until Amazon did away with it.

Nothing ever goes away. I am distressed at how many times I submit an improvement/correction to a detail page (books, in my case), only to find that, years later, the original “offense” has returned.

It’s disheartening.


This way, there’s no giant communal uproar from a large and varied group of Sellers being unreasonably gated for used items.

Only a lonely and isolating Amazon death by a thousand paper cuts.


My first guinea pig…

Having fun…not.


I don’t think deleting my offer against this ASIN and creating another offer works…BECAUSE the ASIN is stuck in the Shoelace Product type.

I gotta wait to see if it corrects in 48 hours, but I’m leaning towards creating even a new ASIN against a new UPC code – like totally from scratch – in order to get away from the shoe laces. Even uploading the new offer – it pushed it into paper doilies – vs leaving me alone in placemats. I don’t want to be in paper doilies either. EVEN though this is clearly not a placemat too.

It’s a (darn) doily.