Etsy Ads Relevant Keywords - Check Them

If you use Etsy Ads, go here:

Marketing > Etsy Ads > Manage Advertised Listings

Under each listing, click Detailed Stats, then Searches that led to this ad

(Note this used to be much easier to get to, they’ve complicated it recently)

As you scroll the search terms, there’s a toggle on the right side indicating whether it’s a relevant keyword. I go through these every so often and turn off things that are not relevant. Note you can sort this list by Click Rate, in case you just want to see the ones that get action.

Here’s where it gets funky: Today as I was looking, I noticed they had toggled OFF keywords that are relevant. I didn’t do it, and I’m not sure how long they’ve been turned off, but it is definitely worth a look to make sure you’re not paying for clicks that aren’t relevant while good ones aren’t turned on.


Thanks for the heads up @LR72 !