Etsy Item Details (Product Descriptions) are at the bottom of the page

I hoped that it was a glitch because it looks horrible! Unfortunately, it is at least a test and most sellers think that it’s a very bad idea. I wonder what you guys will think.

Right now the listings look like they don’t have any details about the item. To see them, first, we have to know that they are there(!) and scroll down and down and down… below all the reviews, relevant or irrelevant to the item, even pass the beautiful(!) customer photos from the reviews… yes! finally! the item details are there!

Awful Idea!

This is the thread I found on Etsy forums about this test/change:

Not happy about it. Super hard to find the price of shipping and processing times now. I’m so used to it being right near the add to cart button where it should be. I just ended up adding items to my cart to figure it out.

Later on I realized it’s buried so far down below. First comes photos, then reviews, then description and then finally shipping details. Not a good place.

likely hidden away down there because so many are so incredibly not good e.g.



Shipping +50% expected delivery 3+ weeks! Not really a legally obligated disclosure that is going to sell something.


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It’s a horrible change.

I already have to scroll down and “unhide” most descriptions to see what I need, this is just getting ridiculous - below the reviews???

i might make a new canned image on Etsy “Please do scroll all the way down to read the full description and dimensions of this item as Etsy doesn’t want to you to know before you buy, but I do!”

lol not that I sell anything there. I did well in June and regained my Star Seller, then sold nothing since!


Some sellers started taking a screenshot of their descriptions and adding it as the second photo. I might do that as well if Etsy decides to keep this change.


I added infographics to my Etsy listings last year with all of the relevant information about my products. People didn’t read them before and now they can’t even find them.

And don’t get me started on the new square crops they implemented. I needed a new project like a hole in the head, but here we are. All my stuff is cropped off so I have to redo them all. ERGH. After years and years of 4x5 ratio they just BAM make this change. Jerks.

So many things wrong with this. I guess they misunderstood when sellers complain that many buyers don’t read descriptions for all the details so they basically bury the descriptions and forefront the FU’d reviews of the buyers who failed to read them. WTF??? SMH

Bring on more title stuffing.

This exactly. Sellers are infuriated. Really no idea why they did this and I hope it doesn’t stay…but I fear it will.

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The test might be over! :pray:t2: As some other sellers reported, the description has reverted back to the original layout for me on Firefox. I guess it lasted about two weeks and hope that it never comes back!

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Thank goodness! Mine is back to normal.