Etsy Share & Save

For anyone who didn’t get the email. This is interesting and I’ll have to do some math. I NEVER push customers to Etsy, I always push to my Shopify store because of the lower fees. Need to look and see if this would offset the fees enough to put Etsy ahead - or close.

I have to say - on the surface - this is finally something that makes sense for them to do.

Nice. Like being an ambassador for Etsy.
Because many customers shop multiple stores, once they get there. Rising tides lift all ships.

I am guessing that it’s probably once per bill, and 4% isn’t huuuge…but still. This is honestly very Seller-friendly.

Classy move, Etsy! :clap:

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Possibly not.

First of all any social capital we spend, sends people to our own websites where they are now our customer. I am not interested in sending them to Etsy, or Amazon or XYZ eCommerce site.

That and Etsy has ramped up promoting other similar products and sellers on “our listings” yes I know it is the Etsy site. However, they immediately, when eyes are on us pull the customer away to another product. Those on Amazon are very used to this, and consider it the norm.

Most intrusions are pay to play. Pay to play does not rise our ship.

Don’t get me wrong Etsy is our best R&D center. People like to do convo’s and ask for special things. 90% of the time this request turns into a new product or even new product line for us.

So are you saying that of the two requirements,

  1. Share your unique link to your shop/listings, and then
  2. Your follower uses your link and purchases from you

the “purchases from you” will be difficult to achieve, and Etsy knows this? :thinking:

When I see an unknown-to-me shop on, say, Instagram, with a linktree or similar, and I want to browse their products, personally I go to Etsy before Amazon, Facebook, or a dedicated website (this is assuming that I don’t have an Amazon gift card). The website is actually my last choice (and I also point Buyers to my own site).

I agree with this - it’s the only reason I’m considering maybe spreading the wealth a bit. I’ve always pushed to my own website, and it’s not very fruitful. There’s a trust level with Etsy, I think - sellers feel there’s a bit of protection.

Anyway - something to mull for sure.