ETSY Shipping via PirateShip

Another thank you to @wadeorcas for recommending PirateShip. It’s so easy to use!

I was annoyed a few years ago when Etsy started taking shipping label cost from your balance, rather than letting you charge it to a card. Well, now I use PirateShip for my labels so I can get those sweet, sweet airline miles!


Q: Anyone using the PirateShip integration: Have you ever had an order stuck in ‘Open’ on Etsy even though it has a tracking number?

I have one - first time ever. Etsy support chat keeps telling me to add a valid tracking number - but it HAS a valid tracking number. It just isn’t marked as Complete.

They sent it to tech support - but it’s a new one on me. No way to fix it because the tracking number is valid.


I can’t give you any help… but…

I would like to second the thank you to whoever recommended to me using Pirate Ship on Etsy. It is very simple and I have had zero problems. I honestly can’t believe how much savings there is on shipping and how many alternatives there are.


I have had something like this happen to me. In Pirateship, Go to Settings, Integrations and make sure that Etsy is still connected.


The issue is PirateShip did connect over and update the tracking. But on the Etsy side it has the tracking but it’s not marked as complete. Very annoying.

And now I have a customer who fixed a 4 star review to 5 stars and it hasn’t updated. I’ve prob contacted Etsy support 2x in 12 years, and I’ve had to write them 2x today!


Dilemma for the Hive Mind: This order is still showing on Etsy as not shipped - even though I shipped it on the 3rd. As you can see, there’s a tracking number there, but for some reason it didn’t click over to ‘Completed’ when it synced from PirateShip.

My chat with Etsy yesterday was for naught - they just kept telling me to put in a valid tracking number - to which I repeated about 10 times there IS A TRACKING NUMBER AND IT IS VALID. Even sent them the USPS screenshot.

Supposedly it was raised up to “tech support” to fix, alas it is still sitting there.

So. I admittedly have zero patience, but if this isn’t fixed by today I’m a) going to have a late shipment sitting there which I believe affects traffic and b) will have a late shipment ding for Star Seller.

IF they fix it, will they correct those issues? Who knows.

QUESTION: Should I just purchase a label on Etsy for $3? That will clear the Ship Today nonsense. It won’t ever be delivered, but I don’t think that is a problem.


I don’t sell on Etsy, but I would not. If there isn’t a problem, they won’t fix it, and worse might make re-purchasing pointless shipping directly from them into the solution.

Can you call back and ask specifically about Star Seller status? Request that it be frozen while this is resolved?

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I haven’t seen anyone else report this on the forums so I think it’s a one-off glitch, honestly - so I doubt they’ll fix it.


I don’t sell on Etsy, but I might be able to provide some insight based on my experience as a buyer on the platform. Have you been in contact with the customer at all? And, do you know if they checked out as a guest, or a registered user?

When I made my first purchase on the platform a year or two ago I didn’t have an account and chose to checkout as a guest. From what I remember Etsy then forced me to create an account in order to get tracking info, and that created almost the exact same situation you just described.

After creating my account the order never updated correctly again. I never saw the status change to “Shipped”, and when I messaged the seller to ask about the status I received a notification + email that I received a message from the seller, but I was never able to view the message itself.

I ultimately received my order within the expected time frame, and even made two more purchases from the same seller with no issues. After another 6-12 months the original order finally changed to reflect that it was delivered, but still never had tracking or a delivery date.

Without having more information on your situation (or experience selling on the platform) I would guess that maybe something similar happened and your customer purchased it as a guest before creating an account.


It’s not that - I’ve been selling on Etsy for 13+ years and have had a ton of guest checkouts - that’s not an issue.

With this one, for some reason when I updated the tracking number a glitch on their end didn’t update the status to shipped.


Update: I dug back into the forums and found a couple other instances where this happened because PirateShip didn’t sync over correctly. People’s SS rating tanked and it took gobs of effort to get Etsy to fix it.

I just bought a new label from Etsy and that cleared it. I’m just going to send the customer a couple of gift cards. Cost me about $5, but that’s cheaper than spending time in chat with them.


So sorry. Etsy support really sucks. I have never had a satisfactory support session with them.


I contact them so rarely I didn’t even remember the last time! And now 2x in one day. It’s fine - easier to solve it myself. Having something marked as late is too stressful. Easier to spend a little $ and have it gone.