Etsy Superbowl Ad

For all the hype - I assume it’s the one they showed during the football playoff games. Did anyone see it? I sell there and it was so dumb, I couldn’t even follow what they were talking about. Something with a cowboy cake.

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LOL I saw that commercial, cracked up at the announcer feigning surprise (“There’s people in the cake!”), had no idea it was for Etsy OR “gift mode”.

I was just wondering what on earth was the scenario and what was their original plan :laughing:



The only thing I gleaned from it is they are going all-in on this gift-mode thing, so we all might consider adding “Gift for…” in our titles and tags.

Unfortunately, what I sell isn’t usually gifted.


Wife and I thought he said … “It’s a people cake”

… and we had no clue what it was for …


He says both!


I am saddened to say this isn’t close to the stupidest ad I have ever seen.

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I was going to post a thread about Etsy’s shenanigans but I just wasn’t sure how many Etsy sellers there were.

They overly hyped this a week or so ago and took a week to announce it but people figured it out.

Gift mode seems interesting but only if they will constantly be rotating the options. I spent a good 45 minutes using it and got some new ideas for long tailed keywords.

I remember over a decade ago when Etsy said not to use the word gift in title or tag because “everything can be a gift”. But lol that’s what people use to search so of course I use it in titles and tags.

The newest bit of idiocy is on Seller Success Instagram they are giving out tips and the one for today is that you create a “gifts” section in your shop…and if you want to put an item in both sections then you need to create two items.

Like I recall along time ago you were not allowed or supposed to create duplicate items…but now I guess it’s perfectly fine lol.

You would think they could just fix sections to allow you to select multiple.

Etsy is so out of touch to not even release a gift mode before Christmas and to spend millions on a Super Bowl that is not their target demographic?

I bet in 6 months gift mode fades into obscurity like Explore.

Also I noticed on some of my listings I can add recipients but it must be a test of some sort since not every listing has those options :unamused:


THIS. But then they lose their .20 on the 2nd listing.


They’re making some changes. Last week the Photography category disappeared. Today the Category search pages are all redesigned, and Photography is back - but only after you click open ‘More.’ Prints is first, and all the downloads are there.

Also: The photography category is full of Tshirt shops, so there’s that <eyeroll.>

But it is Stupid, very, very Stupid.

For me, that never watches the super bowl. My first thought on the cheesy email that Esty sent out was WFT, (never say that in real life.)

Just drop my fees 2% and I would be happy I don’t need to send you three (the signatures on the email) to the superbowl.

So you get a box seat, and we get … :poop:

Edited to add, :poop:

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It’s so stupid; it’s funny!(Remember, I’m a Texas native).Don’t know why ads w/ slow-talkin’ southerners always reflect them as dumber than dirt!.

Why is the ad cowboy/Texas themed? Does Etsy not have enough Texas/Southern/ Western customers? In my opinion, nary a Billy Bob, Texan or not, would usually buy from an artsy-craftsy on-line platform, even as Valentine’s Day approaches–unless the woman in his life sits him down and says I WANT THIS!!

Obviously, the ad is meant to give the male audience confidence that if the platform buys football advertising, won’t be too “sissy” to buy there. Hope it works for 'em! .


I feel like the direction for this ad was lacking. The etsy gift mode portion of the ad seemed forced.

The people cake part was funny but was dragged down by the rest of the ad.

Not super ball quality.

Forever will be the greatest ad ever made

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Did I see what you did there, or am I confused?

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Here is the Superbowl one. MUCH better, IMO.


I like that.

However, just getting my 30 day PPC info from Etsy today, and the email only had the sales…

I had to dig down into the backend to find we spent $1 more for the ads, than we made. We also had our CoGS and overhead to pay too.

Done, so done.

To the executive team, “Enjoy your trip to the Superbowl, or the Super Ball” as the case may be.

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I did have several “gift for dad/grandma/etc” type tags until I read something that said NEVER EVER EVER use a word more than one time in any tags!!!

So, I deleted them all but one. I am tired of trying to figure out how to make tags and SEO stuff. They need to just make an AI bot that will go through our items and tell us what to put for everything.

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You can repeat words, it’s just not necessary - takes up space. :slight_smile:

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Completely redid our listings a few months ago. Still no sales on Etsy in months.


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off topic but got this message today.
“You didn’t earn Star Seller for the month of February—but we’re here to help you get back on track.”

Minutes later got this one.
“You earned a Star Seller customer service badge for February!”

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Etsy needs to use their super bowl budget to hire some people to weed out the fake stores that sell imported crap that they did not make. They have been over taken by third world rug merchants willing to sell anything in any way.