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ETSY question: How many of you see main image (on storefronts) thumbnails cropped into a square?

They’re square on my 13" laptop, but not my 15," and I had a couple of family members check and they don’t see squares either - I know their tests are typically user-driven, but I’ve been seeing them on my small laptop for quite awhile now…and they look awful. I designed all of my main images for the 4/5 ratio, so I’ll need to redo them if this is here to stay and prevalent.


On my desktop both yours and my thumbnails are 340x270 for regular and 680x540 for featured. :man_shrugging:


Okay thank you for checking! I guess I’ll just leave it for now and see if it changes back.

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UPDATE - Saw this in the forums. So some of us have hundreds of listings we’ve created with the 4x5 ratio and now it’s “Oh guess what, time to change it!” Ughhhh

Seems so backwards. Instagram used to be square images only and later on changed it. I think I would follow in the footsteps of a business that seems to know photographs :joy:

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I spent all day today uploading new images for my single prints. Fortunately I had 1/2 the work already done thanks to another project (my Shopify theme developer is using my work for a new demo store). But still. Annoying.

I don’t get it… Our shop images/thumbnails are cropped to squares but Etsy search results are still rectangular (5x4), right? Most of my photos can be cut to a square, but some will need editing :unamused:

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Correct. And the thumbnail editor is still 5x4 also. But I’ve been redoing all of mine because my homepage looked like garbage.

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Interesting that Michaels is square… :thinking:

Re: Michaels - somewhere along the line (per usual) someone has latched on to the TOU saying they can take and sell your work. Which, of course, is ridiculous. But I keep seeing people repeat it everywhere. The actual TOU refers to using your images in advertising, which is perfectly normal.

I think, Etsy, needs an introduction…

Etsy meet proportion wheel,

Proportion Wheel, meet Etsy!

Etsy, notice how I set the 5 to be over the 4. Notice how this translates to about the size of a letter sheet of paper? Or to some of our standard (well all standard photo sizes) sizes, 9x12, 12x16 or 15x20.

So now everyone with a hand crafted item that is not square has quite a bit of work to do. Fine if you knew from day one, but now all those listings, all those images need editing.

If not they look stupid. In our case the top on many items is where you put in a name, the bottom where you put in growth information. The images now just show fun facts that people would put on the board with no context. And they are cut off.


It doesn’t make sense that Etsy wants square pictures but then the whole homepage is still formatted for wide pictures :woman_shrugging:.

I assume they’re going to change it all. I’m redoing mine as squares with a lot of whitespace around them so they can crop either way.

A lot of my photos need to be redone.

I perfected my white background taking at an angle photo. I use those on Amazon. They look great and professional. Wide size.

But a few years ago I was reading up more about capabilities of searching by photos and all the new technology with that. I also had a really hard time ranking for “light switch cover” on Etsy. Despite selling over 10,000 light switch covers and over 300 items in my shop and I’ve been on Etsy since 2008 and just can’t seem to figure out the seo….I started thinking…what if it’s because my photos don’t look like a light switch cover. They are taken at an angle instead of face on. This might be the future of search anyway.

So what if I started taking my photos face forward, because why not at this point? They always want a million photos per listing anyway. Only when you have a tall photo it looks wonky wide…so I cropped it as a square. I think it has improved my search results on Etsy. Or maybe just having extra pictures per listing? Etsy is such a finicky ■■■■■ to figure out. The pictures look worse because I haven’t perfected a perfect white background, lots of odd shadows and uneven lighting so I don’t use them for amazon photos, but when I typically sell an item on etsy it’s with the newer photos.

Around this time as well was the push for lifestyle photos and at the time Instagram was still only square images so my lifestyle setup is square as well. I am not at all happy with my lifestyle images as they are very bright and colorful I need to give them more of that trendy “sad beige” look :joy:

Only recently I have started testing my lifestyle images as the first image on Etsy. Too much of my competition now uses a white background forward facing photo. Need to figure out how to attract and stand out.

But since I have 1000 things on my to do list it’s a slow steady process.


I recently did some research as I’m working on a bunch of new products / listings / photos.

Etsy is still stating that they use a 4:3 aspect ratio, but they are displaying at a 5:4 ratio without updating the guidance.

Best size would be 2,700 width by 2,160 height. Thumbnails at 340 width by 270 height.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually pushed my new Etsy listings, but this was the most recent guidance I could find on the interwebs.

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I’ve been using square for amazon since forever, but in the thumbnail some of those same images are horribly cropped on Etsy now.

Where did they even announce this? In their forums only I guess…I only found out about it here.

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If you look at the screenshot I posted above, they confirmed in the forums that they’re changing over - so I’d do squares. It was a test (many posts about it), and now they’re saying they did better, hence the change.

Naturally their documentation (ugh) will be the last to be fixed.

In the announcements here: We’re making updates to size and ratio for listing... - Welcome to the Etsy Community


Thanks - but still, unless you frequent their forums, you would not know. No email blast, no banner on listing edit pages.

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Agree 100% - the ONLY reason I found it was because I searched for it to see if they were going to implement. I saw it on one of my computers during the test, but not the others. Then was relieved when it went back to normal. Ugh.

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I love how they say that they are going SQUARE, but then include instructions like this:

“Recommended size is 2000px for the shortest side”