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Just got an email from Etsy marketing that several of my items have been selected to have the ‘Etsy’s Pick’ badge.

Has anyone ever had this, and does it do anything? My initial reaction was “Meh, thanks.” lol


Nope, not cool enough to be picked.

I used to have an Etsy’s pick label on one of my light switch covers. It was there for several years.

When their stupid design awards was coming out I got some marking email from Etsy about how I should enter that listing. Later on I found out that they sent that email to pretty much everyone (I think they really just wanted to get a huge kickback for adobe signups). I’m a bit bitter about it because I should have picked a more on trend listing, even though this one has had $8,000 in sales over the course of 15 years…sales slowed down because nautical decor peaked in like 2021 or so.

Anyway about a month after that I noticed the Etsy Pick disappeared from the listing. I was still averaging sales on it maybe 1 or 2 a month for the prior year. I created a support case asking why it disappeared and of course I just get some canned response. It still sells about once or twice a month. So I don’t think loosing the badge has had any effect on search results or anything.

Supposedly it also means it was featured somewhere but I never could figure out where it was featured.

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Can confirm - I’ve received that (didn’t bite).

Oop. I have been adding more nautical because I see some print sellers doing well with it - I really need to spend more time figuring out what’s on-trend, clearly!

Thanks! My guess is it’ll be a nothingburger, but was curious. You never know!

I never received an email on Etsy’s Picks, but over a year ago one of my listings suddenly had the Etsy’s Pick badge. I renewed the listing several times because it had not sold, but it kept the badge. I have not checked it lately.


Congrats! Hope it produces some sales!


Congrats! Thats very cool. Never had that personally. During Q4 I have had best seller badge. This seems more selective though. Grats!

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Oh gosh, no need to congratulate - I honestly wasn’t trying to humblebrag (although any Ron Swanson gif = day made!). <3


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I came back and saw all the congrats and I was like damn I sure am a negative Nancy :woman_facepalming:

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