Evaluation of Customer Returns - BETA Test

Got this a little while ago. How long have sellers been asking for this option? 20 years? :laughing:

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We stopped asking. Always look for a workaround to problems on Amazon.

For us we make the packaging on our brands frangible. As in if the customer gets it and opens it, it is clear it is opened. Some may say “tampered with” we don’t want them sent to someone else.

They (Amazon) has done this in the past, some of the handmade sellers have talked about it in the last decade. I think it was an issue for “Style” I may have the moniker wrong, (her icon was a green heart) she was in fine jewelry and always had an issue with Jimmy putting items back in stock.

Still hope springs eternal, if they can fix the problem great news.

Especially with your type of product, I remember the Tylenol issue back when Drug Stores were the only outlet.


It’s because I sent them a note.

You’re welcome.

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:point_up_2: :+1: Thanks Papy!

Its definitely a beta, I’m not seeing this yet.

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So after a decade of used as new, defective, and inauthentic complaints from people receiving a trashed product they finally do it.

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They must have hired a rocket scientist to run FBA because apparently it took a rocket scientist to figure this out. In the past I wondered if they just did not have the actual available real estate at any FC to handle the massive amount of returns they encourage. Now I’m thinking they have turned some shuttered FCs into RCs. It’s not like they will lose any money since it will be on us in the end. But it will be a huge improvement in customer satisfaction. My daughter received a Rain Jacket with an LPN sticker. Packaging was a nice custom zip bag so it was nicely sealed but the jacket had what looked like a Sharpie marker mark.


There have actually been @ least 4 iterations of this program over the last decade, but this one is different (more on that later).

Previous iterations were by invitation only, but I’m not sure that this one still is, despite what is proclaimed to that effect in the SHC page for the program, FBA inventory evaluation settings (link) - may I ask if you can navigate to the FBA inventory evaluation settings Dashboard @ https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/fbainventoryevalsetting/ui?

We ourselves received an invite back in March of this year, but as I explained in this 23June reply to ASV’s earlier thread from that time on the subject, we haven’t opted in:


I have had earrings sent back loose in a sandwich bag with absolutely zero of my packaging. And Billy says “sellable”

I have been begging for this and still don’t have the beta. I hope it expands soon…



Access Denied, then it navigates back to https://sellercentral.amazon.com/fba/settings#/

BTW having every return sent back would cost me a fortune and my UPS driver would probably quit. :rofl:

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