Experiences with Amazon appeal services?

Has anyone used them? My situation is similar to other’s posts on SS forum with nonsensical, circular replies, no human contact and a bogus deactivation to begin with. [EDIT: Service provider details removed] just wondering if anyone has any experience


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I have tons of it.

  1. Most established ones charge a small fortune

  2. Regardless of claims I believe anyone doing it legit (not hiring someone inside to fix it) will run in 80’s percentile if they are any good

  3. Their % since Jan is of the most interest to you. Amazon made changes to the process that took out a lot of the appeal process.

Amazon Seller Performance is restricted to the use of pre-written responses and not able to get down to specifics on your issue, or failure of submissions.

If you want some advice post your notice, what you are seeing in Account Health when you try to reactivate and what you have done so far to address it.


Hello @tmehki welcome to SAS. I’m glad to see you found us! As I said in my post on the NSFE you will find here some excellent experienced advice.The suggestion by @oneida_books about posting your issue here will likely result in better assistance than the service that wants money to do so. And for Free!! Good luck.

ETA: I’m happy you checked the forum for a reply sooner rather than later, since I see now all of our posts there have been removed by an Amazon Mod. :wink:


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