[Exploding Topics] Top 13 Ecommerce Trends (2024 & 2025)

Top 13 Ecommerce Trends (2024 & 2025) (9 November 2023)

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  1. Augmented Reality Provides An Interactive Shopping Experience
  2. AI Automates Ecommerce Marketing
  3. Surging Revenue In Social Commerce
  4. AI Enhances The Customer Experience
  5. Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Continues To Grow And Change
  6. Rising Consumer Demand For Sustainable Products And Packaging
  7. Consumers Expect Convenient Payment Options
  8. Ecommerce Subscription Market Grows Despite Economic Pressure
  9. Mobile Commerce Drives Nearly Half Of All Ecommerce Sales
  10. Brands Attract Customers With AI-Powered Personalization Tools
  11. Retailers Continue To Invest In Quick Commerce
  12. Consumers Opt For Second-Hand Ecommerce
  13. TikTok And Investors Bet On Live Shopping

There’s that T word again… (TikTok).

All we are hearing about in our industry is how important it is to be there. We’re testing it soon.

Signing a major social media project contract which includes TikTok next week.

Will advise good or bad results in early 24.


Thanks, @ASV_Vites! We are definitely interested.

You don’t have to like it.
You don’t have to get it.
But for full success, retailers might have to use it.

Flexibility and adaptation are critical ecomm skills.


For transparency, we just signed a contract with a major broker and a long time contact of ours yesterday.

He has promised and forecasted some things I find hard to believe for 2024. We ain’t going anywhere without some major advertising plans / initiatives to support our retail partners.

In 2023, that’s a lot easier to achieve and cheaper than it used to be. Social is now what retailers are looking for vs. print / TV, making the hurdle easier (cheaper) to jump over.

So we are signing another contract next week with a firm that works for major brands to take our current Meta presence (which I did), and throw it in the trash and rebuild it. They are also getting us on TikTok and creating a cohesive brand presence that aligns with everything we are trying to do.

I’m so sick and tired of Amazon that we will take the risk to try and exit the marketplace and hand our marketplace selling to Pattern who we already have an established relationship with once we succeed in Food / Drug / Mass. I’m starting to think we will be more profitable on Amazon with someone else selling our brands. Further, a successful retail launch will just naturally exponentially and organically increase marketplace sales. In that regard, we will probably be better off managing our marketplace accounts but I can’t take this ■■■■ anymore.

Our goal with Amazon was to prove a concept or 2 which is done. Now it’s time to take it to the real world, succeed, and sell out to a big CPG company. We’ve created and registered some killer IP over the years that’s worth a lot all on its own…

Our 5 year plan is seemingly morphing into a 10 year plan but good things take time and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Bottom line is it takes $ and risk to build something that’s worth something… Now or never. I’m too old and too damn tired to continue with Amazon’s shenanigans.

Life hasn’t been easy personally since I exited my 20 year 9-5 (really 8-7). I’m blessed to have a partner that owns the manufacturing and has oodles of contacts that we can trust to execute our vision.

Hoping this all works out for my and my family’s future.


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