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I’ve never offered any shipping other than free domestic and Priority upgrade (at least intentionally) and I have reviewed regularly to adjust the Priority and Canada charges as needed. At no time in 10+ years have I gotten an order with express shipping (2 Day). Today I got one. I guess it’s possible I overlooked this but I find it hard to believe with several thousand orders, this is the only one I’ve ever received with Express. I only have one template and all listings are assigned to it. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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I hope the buyer paid the $30 or whatever express shipping costs. If not, you could send his order by priority mail if it is on your shipping template.

Pre-covid I had an occasional express order and had its cost built into my Etsy shipping template. Since then, I dropped both priority and express.


We get a few “express” orders a month. We charge about $6 more since we offer “free” shipping. (sure it’s free) :zipper_mouth_face:

When “express” comes in we do handle it same day.

I have never thought “Express” as defined by Etsy (a bad marketing term IMO) indicated 2 day. We just send the item Priority Mail and are done with it.

In 80% of the cases, we would have already sent it Priority Mail.

Is what it is.

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We have never seen “Express” but have seen “Expedited” as we have our shipping template set up to offer “Expedited” for an additional cost. Since we do custom, it means we would move the order up in the processing line to get the order out quicker and that it will ship Priority Mail Flat Rate. If there is an “Express” 2 Day setting in the shipping templates, we do not have it as a method of shipping and do not get orders for “Express” shipping. Priority Mail Express Flat Rate would cost the buyer the same dollar amount as our item costs them (doubling the cost to the the item) and, from our location, would not even guarantee a 2 day delivery to addresses going to zones 6,7,8 and 9.
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Grateful for this post because I’ve only ever offered standard shipping (free) but most of my things ship Priority. And my competition now is instant downloads. Soooo…I could add on Express and make some $$ that I’m not already getting. Doh!

@Lost_My_Marbles - this is on Etsy. :slight_smile: The mods were nice enough to add a section for other platforms for us. :slight_smile:

:man_facepalming: … our bad … still getting use to the multiple market place conversations …

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It came late in the afternoon and has a 1-2 day production time but it was labeled Express and gave me a two day arrival so my only choice was UPS 2day or Priority Express.

1lb for 6x6x4 UPS WA state to DC was $16.16. Problem for me since I normally only do USPS I have to drop everything, make it and do a separate run to UPS by 9:30 to make it off island same day. USPS Priority express was like $38 and change.

Oof that’s a lot! I just added it to mine, but Priority Mail only, not Priority Express.

Being in the middle of the country, toy can probably serve most of the US in 2 days with Priority

Well this is disconcerting if Etsy allows buyers to randomly choose Express shipping. Like you, I only have one template and all listings are assigned to it. After reading your post I checked mine in case something changed but everything seems in order. When you checked this specific listing does it show being assigned to your one and only template?
Is it possible that this listing was at one time special order/custom and you agreed to express shipping just for that order and then if you relisted it the express template automatically was used instead of your main template? Forget this, I realized that the express template would show as one of your available templates and you said you only have one. Very puzzling. :thinking:

Well, it WAS on the template whether it was my oversight or somehow Etsy inserted it. I have removed it so if it happens again I’ll know for sure it was not my doing.

Yes, this and all my listings were assigned to this one and only template. This is why I am surprised I never got one before.

No I never offer above Priority because if a delivery goes sideways or buyer wants to blame me for sizing etc, they expect this expensive shipping to be refunded also. I don’t care to go there. Just not worth the argument for me.

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I read a profile of a successful craft business years ago. I remember she offered a

Rush option: Arrives in 3 days for $x upgrade
Rush Rush option: There is no Rush Rush option

I also never offer anything “tomorrow” or super fast, not worth the bother and headache of someone else’s panic being projected onto me.


Yes, I was going to come back and say this - living in North Texas is a benefit there.

any chance this was an older listing, reactivated at some point?

Etsy shows shipping profiles by “active” listings, so old one can crop up I’ve found

No. What is surprising is that it is one of my biggest sellers for years on both Amazon and Etsy and I never received and order with that method. Thinking about it, it had an even upcharge amount which indicates that it was not an auto calculated rate so it was probably something I put there years ago. :man_shrugging: Bottom line I need to pay better attention.

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