"Favorites" on MakerPlace

Thought I’d start a thread here for anybody who has what to do & where to find kind of questions about MakerPlace and maybe we can help each other with answers, if there is any to be had.

I’ll start with this:

Where do we find “Favorites”?

I don’t mean the “Favorites” you made of other sellers items, but the “Favorites” you received from somebody.

This morning I noticed on my “Performance Overview” Page, there is a “1” under “Favorites” (Yay, somebody actually seen and liked my thing). I was trying to see which item was favored, but I couldn’t find that info anywhere on the Dashboard, I clicked on all my listings and nothing, and there isn’t any “star” or number under the Store banner.

Did I miss something or is this another glitch on Makerplacer.


Looks like you can :heart: a whole store, or an item, so “Favorites” could be either maybe? I didn’t see anything about it on seller support center.

I would really like to see a SKU field on listings; hopefully that’s something they will add.


Yes, as a buyer we can “favorite” items that are not ours, and those items will be saved in our “Favorites” (dropdown list under our name, upper right side)

But if someone favorited our items, as a seller there isn’t a way to see which items got them. We can only see how many “Favorites” we got:

If you figured out how to see what “favorites” we received, please share.


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When you say it went away, I assume you mean it is not showing up on the “Favorites” section on Performance Overview page.

I think the person who favored it still has it as “Favorites”, but it’s not not showing up in your Stats because your Performance Overview page is set for “30 days” and it’s now longer than 30 days since it was favored. If you click on “All” (see screenshot below), you will be able to see the numbers that’s older than 30 days.


I had not noticed the dropdown until you pointed it out. Thank you @Dreamscape-Studio !



Yay! I have 12 views instead of 10. baby steps.


Is that across all listings? And how many listings do you have?

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That’s across my whole shop on Makerplace. I have 6 items listed there.