FBA Clothes Sellers - do you know how your clothes are shipped?

This is mostly an FYI, maybe a little bit rant… For the past couple months, anytime I order a clothing item (as a customer), Amazon slaps a label on the poly bag of the clothing and ships it that way. There is no envelope or box or any type of packaging that it is placed in. Not even a piece of tape covering the zip top or the sealed flap. So far everything has arrived to me safely, but I can’t imagine that’s typical. I’m shocked no one has opened one of the zip bags and helped themselves yet.

Anyway, if you’re getting reports of clothing items arriving damaged to customers, this may be why. We don’t do FBA, but I doubt this is something you can change / have control over.

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I haven’t ordered clothing from Amazon but I have ordered from Lands End several times in the past few years. The clothing article(s) are in a clear plastic bag with stick-on label. These bagged items are then placed in a larger, thicker opaque plastic bag with the shipping label attached. I haven’t had any problems with something getting damaged in transit.

Lands End does a huge volume of business. There’s no reason why Amazon couldn’t ship clothing items with the same amount of care as them.


Had the exact same experience 2 months ago. shirt was in a clear poly zip bag. Shipping label right on top. It arrived just fine. I was surprised that the bag stayed closed.


Can confirm, this is exactly how I am receiving the clothing I order now from Amazon. Absolutely nothing stopping a delivery driver from opening a ziploc bag and taking out one or two items if it’s a several item pack. If your going to ship in a polybag, put a sticker on the seal so that people know it’s been opened.

Also it can be embarrassing as well, I received a bra in a clear polybag with just a shipping label on it. My roommate doesn’t need to know what kind of undergarments I wear.

I have received clothing from Amazon which was clearly prepped with bags which were not suitable for shipping, and were placed in one of Amazon’s Kraft paper, unpadded envelopes, which is better than the white polybags they and most other companies used in the past.

I have no clue what criteria they want Billy in the FC to use when choosing how to pack.

I haven’t purchased clothes from Amazon since the holidays and they were all delivered in an Amazon bag or box, like everything else.

I have noticed over the last few months that Amazon has been just slapping a mailing label on some of our FBA items and mailing without putting in a box or bag. When customers return them, they now all come back as “unsellable” because the mailing labels can’t be removed from the manufacturer packaging (in addition to those stupid un-removable LPN labels Amazon puts on). Sounds like Amazon is trying to reduce their packing materials without any regard on how it impacts the sellers of those products… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m more annoyed by the lack of legally required tags and labels, stating country of origin, fiber name(s)/content, etc., on my recent clothing purchases from Amazon. I wasn’t impressed or bothered that the shirt was in a clear plastic bag with an FNSKU sticker, inside a carboard mailer envelope designed for an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. If we can’t even follow the law and tag it “made in China, 40% cotton/60% rayon”, why bother getting worked up over packing (or lack thereof)?

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There is an option that I (as a Buyer) see on some items during the shipping selection process, where the default is “ship in manufacturer’s packaging”.

I don’t care what the item is, I always toggle to select “hide contents, ship in Amazon packaging” for two reasons:

  1. No one else needs to know anything that I purchase and where it’s delivered.
  2. I don’t do FBA, but my fear is that Amazon is charging 3Ps or vendors fees for shipping packaging, but not reimbursing if the customer declines Amazon’s packaging.

This was a recent item (not clothes but soft) that arrived today. It had very sturdy, airtight, vacuum-sealed packaging that was completely clear. It would have survived shipping, as long as no one stole it. Because I chose to use Amazon’s packaging, it was thrown into a large plastic sack with another FBA item.


Seems like a good course of action to me! And that’s how I used to receive items, but apparently the manufacturer’s poly bag is now enough! Crazy times!

Yikes! At least mine was a romper, but still! Just on display, for everyone to see what you’re shopping for. Makes it a lot easier for porch pirates to pick what they like I would guess…

I’ve definitely seen that, but I can’t recall if I had that option on these specific packages - I will pay closer attention next time!

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Sadly, Amazon definitely just tries to sneak it in. :unamused:

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Ugh just got one of these deliveries: zip lock baggie!