FBA Excess inventory question

I had 50 units in fba of an ASIN that doesn’t really sell a lot but does sell somewhat consistent. Sold 21 in the past 30 days There are 39 in inventory currently. On my fba inventory page it says there are 39 estimated excess units of this ASIN. Why is this?

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Because Amazon is stupid.


Exactly. Inventory planning will harass me to send in more of something, then the second it’s there they harass me to get rid of the excess inventory. How? By advertising of course!

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And by dropping your price. Then they say, “hey look how great this is selling, send in more!”

Amazon sets the rules to sell on their platform, but those “rules” are the only guidance I let Amazon give me about my business. Their “suggestions” can take a walk.


There are truisms here from personal experience.

It’s the same reason why amazon doesn’t make improvements in its ppc manager, the job is then deferred to 3rd party apps

Amazon operates at the minimum effective acumen (if that) and effectiveness is based on amazon’s bottom dollar.

They could easily tell people the truth about selling on amazon but instead they’ll show case studies of some pasta sauce seller or some candle seller who started selling on amazon…

“See you can do it too!!!”

It’s like the Mr. Beast Shopify ads where he sells his branded doohicky in minutes with the effective messaging being “see how easy it is.”

It’s all lies.

Rant. Over.


How old is the inventory?

Less than 60 days is not excess. In Amazon FBA land, when it comes to time to home conversion, that’s not enough.

And then there’s this:

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