FBA inventory: Amazon can't make up their minds.

We are all aware of the increasing pressure on FBA inventory to sell as quickly as possible, and not to sit in FBA warehouses. New and increasing storage fees and storage limits based on sell-through make Amazon’s position on items that don’t sell “fast enough” pretty clear.

On the other hand, we are all also aware of how much pressure Amazon puts on us to keep items in stock, to send in more inventory, and then to push sales to move inventory faster.

Then there are emails like this one:


You are receiving this message because some of your FBA ASINs do not have enough inventory to keep up with customer orders. You will need to send additional inventory or expedite your open shipments to ensure that you do not run out of stock and customers receive their items on time.

The following ASINs are at risk of running out of stock:


It is important to keep a minimum of 4 to 8 weeks of sales as inventory in Amazon's network to accommodate two-day, one-day, and same-day deliveries. This will also ensure you stay in stock during an unexpected demand spike.

Note: Sellers who have faster shipping speeds have higher offer win rates and higher conversion.

You can also use your Restock Inventory report to keep track of your inventory and replenishment recommendations:
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The Fulfillment by Amazon team

4 to 8 weeks does not jive with Amazon’s other stated positions.

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Assuming there is any management or coordination of efforts is simply providing undue and unnecessary stress.

The inconsistencies could be the results of messaging from different silos, and probably are. If they are sourced from the same silo, you can assume that messages that have not been updated are being sent by bot.

The most consistent truth is that Amazon is too big to manage, it is recognized by Amazon, and they have ceased trying in anything other in the simplest and simpleminded manner.

To keep your sanity, deal only with the most simpleminded ways to keep the dollars flowing.


This exactly…amazon’s right hand doesn’t know what the left hand does and vice a versa…all disparate parts meeting their kpi’s

Of course this is the issue. It’s also why I’m so annoyed at this crap.


Maintak, may I ask if the Subject Line for the message(s) in question is “Reminder: Check your low inventory levels” ?

And if so, is the sending address “[email protected]” ?

Yes, and yes. Why?

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The reason why I asked for those data points is rooted in the modicum of success I found, back in the ‘Seller Coach’ days, in evading the barrage of incomprehensible/inaccurate email messages of this nature without turning off the too-broadly defined Amazon Notifications settings.

We ourselves received the first of a slew of messages w/ that Subject Line, from that entity, beginning on 16May23 - most all of which specify Amazon Global Catalog Listing ASINs that we have no intention to replenish with a new Offer-Listing (including more than a mere few ASINs that we deleted, not merely closed, some years back), and I’m presently engaged in gathering information that will:

  1. Help me understand which of Amazon’s well-siloed teams is the likely culprit

  2. Help me understand which of Amazon’s multitudinous (and ever-disjointed) databases is likely supplying said team(s) with spurious information

As is par for the course, any such exercise is little less than a Sisyphean task when dealing with a behemothic monstrosity like Amazon - but Dum Spiro Spero


I wish you luck. Knowing who to blame is nice…

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As @lake says, Amazon works in silos.

One silo does not talk to another.

Something to keep in mind, large quantity of FBA stock gets more orders and better placement on the page.

We sent in over 100 units of an okay selling item and sold almost 40 in a week.

Amazon rewards having so much product that it is spread all over the country.


This ^^^^. It seems to be a bit of a secret that having inventory spread out throughout the country drives more sales. We definitely see that if we have more inventory we get much better placement and sales. That being said, I believe there is a place where you can set replenishment reminder levels and won’t get as many emails if you set it low if that is your goal.



And 8 weeks will never get you Prime Same Day… That number is closer to 12. Ask me how I know.

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I’m game for positing a likelihood:

Because you pay attention to whatever new hurdle Amazon strews in your path, and consistently find this or that way to put them in the rear-view mirror?


There are so many metrics, averages and recommendations regarding FBA inventory levels that I’ve stopped trying to keep up with them but there are a few highlights that demonstrate the true dysfunction.

They raised the minimums for mall and light and then cancelled the program altogether, they limited storage capacity giving you the incentive to maintain lean inventory levels AND THEN they charge you a fee for not having what they consider adequate inventory levels.

I deal with it by managing inventory in a manner that works for my company and hoping it makes all mighty Amazon happy.