FBA Inventory going via Truck

I’m sending many skids via truck to Amazon warehouses for FBA. I use the Amazon partner carrier options (Amazon Freight LTL). They were supposed to pick up last week but haven’t shown up. Normally they come on the date I select during the shipment creation process or the following day. I’m getting concerned as more time passes.

Any idea how/who to contact to find out when they’ll be picking up?

Does anyone have a contact email or phone number for Amazon freight?

Amazon LTL will often come a few days late if they’re backed up.

If you’re past that, you can try opening a case - they tend to be somewhat responsive. I used to have the ROC phone # but I’m not sure that’d be helpful at this point.

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May I ask if anyone knows whether or not the email inbox [email protected] is still in operation?

@VTR would know, methinks…


The last email I have from a few months ago was

[email protected]


I get emails from there but they are very slow to reply to sent emails. The last time I used it it was two weeks till someone replied.

We ship LTL all the time. 80% of the time they show the day that the pickup was scheduled. They have been as many as 6 biz days late.

The date won’t change on the shipping plan even if they miss it. I’d give it a few more days before you get concerned.

@Tandi has the correct email addy contact. Don’t hold your breath for a quick reply. Used it twice. One time they responded within 24 hours. The second time they never responded but the pallets were picked up within a few days of that email.

Good Luck


@Neil We always write the carrier right after the BOL is generated to request pickup on the following day. Most of our shipments are picked up in 1 or 2 days, but some carriers (T-Force, particularly) are often late. Which carriers are you struggling with the most?

@Dogtamer @Tandi The working email is indeed [email protected]. I’ve had more success, however, creating a case with SS following the path Fulfillment by Amazon > Other Shipment to Amazon Questions > Contact us, if any shipment pickups are delayed for more than 2 days. The responses come from the aforementioned email.

For anyone who ships LTL, you might be aware of this, but important piece of information: shipments are NOT set as Freight-ready right after labels are printed, as they used to. It’s necessary to click on the shipment from the Shipping queue and, under the “Shipment events” tab, click on “Change freight-ready date” at least one hour after the labels have been generated. Then, you can select that same day as the freight-ready date.


@Neil how many days late are you at now?

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Is this working with all carriers? 99% of our LTL is Amazon Logistics which is usually the next week.

Btw most of the interactions I have had with that email, is asking me why freight was not ready when the carrier never showed up.

It is. Not sure about Amazon Logistics - we don’t use them at all.

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Is Amazon Logistics any good? Maybe the OP can utilize this?

I haven’t done LTL yet but have thought about it a few times. I have always used the UPS partnered carrier. My poor UPS driver and UPS store.

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Define good? Amazon Logistics drivers are all independent contractors, but they seem to be the laziest bunch around. Refuse to back in, barely step out of the truck. I have had them call dispatch and say I am closed because they didn’t want to try. BTW you can not choose the freight carrier Amazon assigns it and in my area Amazon Logistics seems to be the only one do pickups out here.

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Amazon Logistics / Amazon LTL drivers have for years now (in my area, at least) been a revolving door of brand new CDL licensees. They do not usually know how to correctly operate rigs, and also usually have no idea what they’re supposed to do with a BOL.

Typically once they get experienced and realize how much they can make elsewhere, the drivers end up leaving Amazon shortly thereafter.

For us at our California location there appears to be a handful of mid size trucking companies that gobble up regional relay routes. For the last 5-10 shipments they have all been picked up by 3 small trucking companies that have 5-20 tractors. The days of getting a random driver with a truck ended a few months ago.
As for our Georgia location, it is as you stated. Rookie (young or inexperienced) driver with a truck pulling an Amazon trailer. Never see them again after first pickup, no company name on truck.

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The shipment was picked up 4 business days late. Luckily I’ve sent out a few truck orders since then and all have come on the scheduled day or the following day.

The shipments have also already been received into inventory which makes me pleasantly surprised. I was expecting it to take several weeks. It’s seasonal merchandise so I really didn’t need it received that fast but definitely better than the alternative.


Excellent. Now you have a baseline for worrying next time. :sweat_smile: