FBA Shipping Plan SPD change to LTL

I need advice on what would you do

When my partner created the FBA shipment he chose Small Parcel Delivery, UPS (Non-Partnership) on the FBA shipping plan

But now, I realize the shipment is getting ready to be shipped by LTL from our 3P warehouse partner

The boxes already have the FBA labels, but there are no pallet labels on the skid

What’s the risk of just sending the shipment in an LTL delivery when the plan specifies SPD and with no Pallet label?

What would you do?

Your LTL carrier won’t get an appointment in the Carrier Central login because your ARN won’t work.

I have done this and it sucks. Delete the shipment and relabel as in my boo boo I had to pay LTL charges to have it sent back.

You also won’t get reimbursed if they lose your stuff because your tracking info won’t align, and they love denying for that.


Yeah, I don’t want to deal with a rejected shipment, or worse, it gets received and lost with no reimbursement

Probably the best thing to do at this point is to keep the shipment and just make UPS labels and eat the extra costs

I would delete the shipment, create it properly, and relabel everything.

If it’s going by UPS it should be as a partnered carrier with Amazon generated labels. Nobody ships by UPS using their own UPS account because it costs way more, so if you do something that’s unusual the probability of a problem goes way up.


Thats probably what I’ll do, thank you for your help!


We do it with Hazmat daily/weekly without issue. Same loss rate as APC same speed.

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Any update @SuperA_Seller ?

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I ended up shipping the shipment with UPS