FBA Tier Size change

In an attempt to reduce FBA fees, I have some FBA listings that are currently switched to FBM due to out of stock. They are now Large Standard Size (over .7" thick) I want to change the packaging to make the overall thickness less than .7 inch thick to go from Large Standard to Small Standard. Can I change the dimensions as they are FBM listings, and then convert and send to FBA in the new size and hope that the new size takes effect? Or, will I need to send in the new stock and request a cubiscan?



Nope, send one in UPS close the sku listing and request remeasure.

Yup, and wait a few weeks.


Keep us updated @wadeorcas.

I wish the process was simpler.

Sidebar: Are there warehouse Amazonians who only do cubiscans? Like, that’s their one job in the building? Or is a cubiscan just an assigned sidequest for anyone picking/packing or accompanying the robots to “the dark part”?

Yeah I’ve sent new stock in after changing the original dimensions, and they do not change unless you ask for a cubiscan.


In my experience it is an optional sidequest that yields no gold, no reputation, very little experience and whose primary quest reward is less time to use the restroom. None but the true completionists choose to take on this sidequest, and they just want to get it out of the way as quickly as possible, regardless of the accuracy.

All stock will be re-measured upon arrival so you can’t send in a single sku - you would have to resend all sku after removal.

Now if your oos on those skus and send in new stock - as long as new stock complies with new dimensions the remeasurement will work - if not, then you will face the same issue - even if you have random stock at the higher number and is caught with the intake measurement - it will change the measurement for the remaining stock you have.

If upon another remeasurement request you have the same issue, you will, yet again, be charged the higher amount.

Just a few considerations.