FBA Tracking Shows Received 3 Days From Now

So I was looking at tracking on recent shipments to FBA. It is currently 2:51 am on September 15, 2023. Here is what tracking is showing for one of the shipments.

Is Amazon now using a crystal ball to see when the shipment will arrive? I utilize FBA partnered carrier (UPS). Has anyone seen anything like this? I’ve seen this several times lately.

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I saw this on my last shipment. Fortunately, the tracking updated properly and it didn’t change anything. In my case UPS was actually a day late:


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I posted this last week:

Same issue here

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Oops, I didn’t see that thread. As you can tell, it was really late/early when I posted this and I must admit that I wasn’t completely awake and coherent. I did look for other threads about this issue but I must have missed this one.

Thanks for pointing me to the other thread.

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Same here. It updated properly once the shipment was received.


So what I noticed for my shipments is they all show 9 PM as the delivery time. My guess is UPS is handling tracking different for FBA shipments since they mark them as delivered when the truck leaves the facility or something, and they just stick in a stock time. There’s no chance that UPS is scanning every package upon arrival at the FC to mark them as delivered.

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