FBM "Amazon Buy Shipping" - Some orders locked to UPS/FedEx only

My shipping preferences exclude FedEx entirely.
So, in a list of “free economy shipping” orders, I see a bunch of USPS Ground Advantage, and one of them showing “UPS” at twice the price.

I try to change it to USPS, and USPS is not an option shown. So I have to use a non-Amazon shipping service (Shipping Easy), and put in the tracking number.

But why is Amazon’s “buy shipping” trying to force me to use UPS or FedEx, when it will arrive no sooner, and the order is being shipped same-day as placed, with “free economy shipping” selected by customer?

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There are many possibilities for that situation to happen.
One example I see often is when a buyer does not provide a properly formatted mailing address.


But the address, copied and pasted into ShippingEasy, resulted in no complaint from their USPS address check, so it was not the address that was the issue.

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Look up the address on USPS.com when this happens. If it is not in USPS.com, then look up the address on Google. If you find the address, then look at the size of the town. Small rural towns are often PO Box delivery only for USPS. Since small rural town post offices will know the person and their address, we will purchase the label from ShipStation ( or other shipping platform) and ship it through USPS.

Small rural towns and new housing tracts are often not in USPS.com. When this happens, Amazon Buy Shipping eliminates the option of shipping USPS. The only option is to then purchase on another platform.

When we have to do this in the past, we would ship Priority Mail Flat Rate envelopes (where possible with the item) so that we would have the included insurance. Now that USPS Ground Advantage also includes $100 insurance, we can ship it with that and still feel some what covered.


I thought I had the answer (that Monday 9/11 was a federal holiday, resulting in potentially reduced shipping options), but apparently it’s not.

It’s possible that Amazon thinks it is one, though.


What’s wrong with a PO Box? The package is held by the postal staff, and they put a “you got a package” slip in the box, and the boxholder gets the box from the person at the counter. This is BETTER than leaving something in a mailbox or on a doorstep.

You’re making the assumption that Amazon keeps their database in sync with the USPS. You’ve been around long enough to know that Amazon will often avoid doing the right thing, even when it’s easier than the wrong way! :wink:


We always thought this was the case, but recently checked an address (not for an Amazon order) and USPS showed it as valid with a 9-digit ZIP Code. But instead of showing the Carrier Route as, eg. C001 or R002, it showed R777. Since we had no idea what R777 signified, we asked at our local Post Office.

They also were stumped, so did some checking and found out that R777 is a code used in their Address Management System for physical addresses that exist, but do not receive mail delivery at that address.

So even if USPS shows the address as valid, it still may not receive mail delivery.




R779 is currently also in play for “Phantom Routes.”


The address was not an issue in a proper shipping system. We all know Amazon has major issues with addresses, this would not be the first time I have seen what you are describing.


Nothing is wrong with PO Box. The issue is that people who receive mail in a PO Box use their physical address on Amazon as they expect most orders are going to be delivered by UPS, FedEx or by Amazon deliveries. When a seller is shipping using USPS and the address isn’t in the USPS system (because the customer receives mail through a PO Box), then Amazon doesn’t show the USPS option because the physical address isn’t in the USPS system.

We know as we fall in this area. For years we used an address for Amazon as

Name - BX #?
Physical Address
City State Zip+four (with the four referring back to the PO Box)

This just helped our post office deliver to the box without having to look it up. Since then, our post office has made it a mission to put in all of the physical addresses and has them linked to the PO Box. It gave us a Zip+four for our physical address. The distribution sort now sorts the physical addresses in order of the PO Box numbers.

Not all post offices have implemented this into the system. It would be great if they did but there are the lazies in every big operation.