Finally get a FBA SPD shipment ready to go, and the chocies I was given was either “Recomended option” - ABE8 (NJ) $7.59, or the “Standard option” - Henderson, NV $5.59.

The two dollar extra shipping for the faster receiving time is ok with me, but I don’t like to send it all way from west coast to east coast, and then it have to come all the way back when they start transering to west cost FCs, the whole process is going to be too long.

Has anybody sent SPD shipment to LAS1 recently? If so, how long did it took fr Delivered to Receiving? Any nagative things about LAS1?

Any nagative things about SPD shipment to ABE8 recently?

Just try to get some ideas before I decide tomorrow which FC to sent my package. Thanks for any insignts.

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I would just go with whatever’s cheapest.

Tacking on 4 extra days for UPS also isn’t going to get your stuff received any faster.

Also any personal experience that someone has with a recent shipment is almost useless, an FC that was backed up last week may no longer be backed up next week, and vice versa.


Nope. They really cleaned up their act. We ship there all the time both SPD and LTL.


And/or the TEB9-complex foibles which so-impacted the long history of flawless performance for ABE8 during the COVID-19 Crisis scare being properly addressed.


We get LAS1 pretty often. Last few times it took 4 days to start receiving. Shipment close took about a month but our stuff was sent to 36 different warehouses. Not too bad IMHO.


Just in case if anybody wondering about LAS1 (Henderson, NV)'s current receiving time, my SPD package was delivered yesterday to LAS1, and it was checked-in and receiving 2:30 AM this morning.

So that’s pretty fast, don’t know why Amazon still saying LAS1 has longer than usual receiving time.

I do. Amazon has no idea what they are talking about ~95% of the time.

In fairness to Amazon, it could be an LTL / FTL backlog there. SPD / LTL-FTL are totally different animals at FBA DC’s.

Could be another sledge hammer / scalpel thing in terms of messaging.