Featured Offer Percentage for Unique Product With One Source - Amazon FBA

So, my “featured offer” percentage goes up and down, varying between the mid 80s and 100%

But we are the only seller, and there is only one FBA offer, so how would we NOT be the “featured offer”? I mean we are already “Amazon’s Choice” and the “Overall Pick”, what ELSE do they want?

I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the featured offer %, it’s buggy as hell.


@oneida_books I can’t find an SAS link to your BB info? Do you have one for NSFE?

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Ignore that ish…

Sometimes ours goes down to 20%. We are the only seller and when it’s low like that, we have the BB for every listing. It’s fake news and has been for a couple years.

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The Featured Offer percentage is calculated as the total page views in which you are the Featured Offer divided by the total page views received by products you list.

One would expect that if you are the only seller and you are always in stock you would see 100%, but not always so.

My post likely wouldn’t help here, but here’s the link.

The reason it won’t help is I never got into the % part and why it fluctuates. I think someone else did though, I just can’t recall who. It relates to impressions if I remember correctly and they referenced the Business Reports.

Any number of Amazon errors could cause either the lack of a buy box to appear though and effect the %…

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Well, I can speak to that.

The FO/BB percentage is of views from shoppers when you are in the BB. Even when you are the only Seller of your product (like me), if the shoppers viewing aren’t in a region that you ship to (even if they have .com accounts), then you do not show up in the BB for those shoppers, and their views count against your percentage.

A less than 100 BB percentage does not mean that shoppers saw some other Seller in the BB, or even that any other offer exists–just that they did not see you.


I have no clue as to what any of the above are:

SAS link - I deny ANY link to the SAS, but I admit to Royal Navy connections.
BB Info - The “BB” shot size is 0.18 inches in diameter, so smaller than #4 shot
NSFE - “Not Safe For Everyone”? Much WORSE than “Not Safe For Work”?

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In theory that’s how it’s supposed to work. In reality the code they use to calculate it is full of bugs so it’s just straight up inaccurate/wrong a lot of times.


Amazon’s code for pretty much everything:

Maggots National Geographic GIF - Maggots National Geographic The Bug House GIFs


This was the basis, and I should have posted that part.

I just can’t recall how they tied in Business Reports, and why I didn’t later add that in as a post under my thread.

Or maybe that was all there was to it … I hit 60 this year, so there’s that excuse. :slight_smile: