Feedback follies and jollies - 2024

It was fun many years ago, back before Amazon became so mindlessly heavy handed in managing the NSFE. So I decided to try to resurrect it here.

These two, FWIW, ar from the same seller:

=1= My board game came with shipping labels stuck directly on the game box, and no outer packaging. Obviously it arrived looking nowhere close to “new” condition. News flash to seller: for board games, the box itself is part of the product and needs to be kept in good condition, not sent through the mail without any protection at all and non-removable stickers slapped all over it.

=1= Book listed as “new” when it was heavily worn, with heavy underlining throughout - “acceptable” condition at best. The most dishonest description of a product I’ve ever encountered on Amazon.

And points for brevity…

=1= I need help


I have one where a customer posted their full name, address, and phone number in a feedback. It was actually someone saying they received an item after they reported it as INR saying they no longer need the refund.

Feedback’s still there, just begging for a scammer to call them to steal their credit card information. Good thing nobody looks at feedback.

Who’s the lazy ■■■? Surely it’s not the person that won’t look in their own mailbox.


I think it’s a valid point. It’s also illegal to do that.

I’m assuming that’s FBA so it’ll be struck through anyway since that’s FBA’s fault. UPS/Fedex wouldn’t be dumb enough to misuse people’s mailboxes, and USPS packages are considered mail.

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Agreed. (Although I think the complainant is a jerk, and a lazy jerk at that).

The reason I have a big mailbox is so that at least some packages can be safely left there.

But the UPS packages (or FedEx) are never found in the mailbox.

My experience with Amazon delivery people ranges all over the scale – some of them appear to be fairly normal folk – others I cannot believe anyone would hire them to deliver packages or do anything else. Stepped out of our bathroom at the store – located inside of the back room area – not a customer area – to find myself face to face with an Amazon guy.

I was not gracious.

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Leaving the feedback part is kind of a jerk move (though they probably don’t know better) as it doesn’t get reviewed and has no impact since they’re complaining to the wrong party. If anything, the appropriate way to deal with this is to talk to the mailman or post office and have them file a complaint. I’m sure the same thing is being done to all houses on that route, and the mailman likely doesn’t appreciate having to compete with Amazon packages for mailbox space.

In my reading, that feedback doesn’t attribute the issue to any specific carrier and indicates Buyer ignorance. Most areas of the country don’t have Amazon Delivery (including my large metro area). I read it that the Buyer doesn’t understand that the USPS makes many (possibly most) deliveries of Amazon orders–as either the primary carrier or last mile–and has every right to put those items into the mailbox.

Lazy and/or ignorant Buyer.
“Amazon” NTA.


I’m assuming that they’re talking about smile van deliveries (which in many cases have done worse than put things in mailboxes). If they’re actually complaining about mail being put in their mailboxes then they’re dumber than dirt.

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True! If that’s the case, they really should just be thankful.

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There are buyers who expect all Amazon orders to be at their door with photo delivery confirmation. I’ve had ‘where’s my package’ inquiries when they opened the door to look for it and it was in the mailbox sent USPS.
A few years ago I called a post office to troubleshoot an INR claim. They radioed the carrier who asked if I would tell the buyer to empty her mailbox. It was so full he couldn’t leave anymore mail. My package had been in there all week.
It was for a kids birthday, she waited till the day of to contact me, read my reply after the party and then had the nerve to file an A-Z claim for delivered late. I won that thanks to the message documentation, I did tell her what her carrier asked me to.


I guess the average person wouldn’t really know/pay attention to this, but based on the tracking number it’s immediately obvious to me what service delivered it and where it should be. A TBA number (or ups/fedex number) means it should be at the door, a USPS formatted number should be in the mailbox if it’s a small item.

I could see a situation where someone lives in a house where the mailbox is down a driveway or something, and would just file an INR claim if the package is marked delivered and it’s not at the door. Unless you run a business, almost all consumer stuff comes as paperless statements nowadays so checking snail mail is not a priority. Can’t blame em, if it’s a TBA tracking number and it’s not at the door, it’s not the buyer’s job to spend time to go hunting for a package because the driver decided to cut corners, and stick it in an unchecked mailbox or throw it behind a bush.

USPS tracking (on their website) does show “delivered to mailbox” though. If Amazon’s not passing this information on to the buyer somehow when they inquire “where’s my stuff” then this is also partly Amazon’s fault. Can’t expect a consumer to know tracking number formats.

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Look at

The fake feedback is blatant. Two ‘customers’ left a handful of good feedback when it was most needed.




It appears this seller is no longer with us. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the scammy sellers were routed so quickly?


I guess it shows the power of SAS. ( I suspect that one or more Amazon mods are lurking here )


I see notorious scamming dropshipper SoCal Enchanted is still enchanting customers with her phantom inventory of used books listed as new and a feedback percentage of 66%. A year or two ago, there was a lot of discussion of this seller on either the NSFE or OSFE, can’t remember which, and I was hoping she’d been suspended or, better yet, deactivated. We were finally able to get her to stop ordering from us, thank goodness. So clearly a dropshipper with a long record of disappointed customers, and yet Amazon tolerates this BS.


The 5Oct2022 OSFE thread which I suspect that you’re most-likely thinking of, where there was indeed a good deal of discussion of said seller’s insidious habits, was apparently deprecated from public view - as IS true of many-another OSFE thread pointing out Amazon’s bad behaviour(s) in the ever-heady pursuit of profit - immediately in the wake of the 26Jan2023 full-blown launch of the NSFE.

Empirically-demonstrable archival footage nevertheless exists.