Feedback Removal Request

I had an order placed on Friday Aug 25. It was shipped on-time, Monday Aug 28. It is due to be delivered this Friday Sept 2.

Today I received the following feedback:

“It’s been about a month that I haven’t gotten my refund”

I asked the customer if there are any problems, and reminded them that the order was shipped on Monday and will arrive on-time on Friday. I asked if by chance this feedback was for a different order. I also asked if there are any other problems to please let me know.

Aside from a customer retraction, do I have any chance of Amazon removing this feedback if I request removal?

If you used amazon buy shipping they may strike through it.


I agree with our friend @Pepper_Thine_Angus, but I am reminded of our friend @lake’s many reminders to request removal in a short, succinct case which both quotes & links the published policy on Removal Criteria for FeedBack Manager (and/or Communication Guidelines; SHC citations available upon request).

May I ask if your response to this potential scammer member of the Amazon Buyer Community included the 17-digit Amazon Order ID that was placed upon your Offer-Listing?

They have only done seller feedback so far. I just checked the ASIN reviews and they have not (yet) left a review there. I looked up the order to ensure this was their only order, and also checked my excel list of all sales for their 9-digit zip to see if the had another sale hiding under another name. I only found this one sale from last Friday.


Nice sleuthing, my friend - better safe than sorry, as they say!

This gives me more confidence in the notion that the most-likely explanation is the one you astutely noted as perhaps a prime possibility - that a clueless, carelessly-insouciant member of the Amazon Buyer Community actually intended that Seller Feedback for another of their 17-digit Amazon Order ID purchases, and not for yours.


What’s needed is a library of properly-redacted letters of this sort. I have one that I have used for the persistent issue of Amazon receiving my shipments, and then losing significant numbers of units on FC transfer, and claiming “We have no record of receiving the following expected items” when the inventory ledger clearly states that they do.

But these are not foolproof - I still have one case where that same phrase has been blindly repeated in the face of the clear data in the inventory ledger, as if the fellow could not read English at all.

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Possible seller response:

Ordered 8/25/23, shipped 8/28/23, delivery ETA 9/2/23; no return or refund on file, buyer possibly confused this with another order. If you are reading this, the above feedback proves my 4.9 star feedback rating is based on real, legitimate feedback.

I wouldn’t.

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I wouldn’t disagree with that conclusion, but I’m with our friend @maintak in thinking that this latter sentence might be perceived by the Buyer Community unfavorably.

The last sentence was for my amusement only (and possibly others).

…especially if you rarely ask for feedback removal.

I’m going to message the buyer again in the morning, and hopefully get a response. If no response, I will request removal.

If I request removal, do I lose my ability to respond to the feedback?

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Good question

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From my experience, no they actually will tell you in the removal refusal that you can leave a response.


No, you do not.


Honestly they probably will not respond and Amazon may not remove it. With the average Amazon customer they barely even read the description so I wouldn’t be worried so much about a feedback.


Amazon denied my removal request and appeal (no surprise).

My response, a bit wordy:

Ordered 8/25/23, shipped 8/28/23, delivered 9/2/23. Your feedback was left 4 days after the order was placed, and 2 days before the item was delivered, so I think you may have this transaction confused with another order. We have not received a return or return request on this order. Please contact us if you need any assistance, we will be happy to resolve it for you. Thank you for your business.