Finally got a 50% restocking fee

Maybe Amazon is getting tired of fraudulent returns.

Return reason was arrived too late.

It arrived on the first day of the ETA.

Returned just the item, no retail packaging etc…

Did my usual and itemized all the credit I wanted with a total including a 50% restocking fee per Amazon policy. For the first time I got back exactly what I entered not the adjustment to a 20% restocking fee.


Is the unpackaged item salable for 50% of new price?

Not on Amazon, but I can sell it for more than 50% at a show or to an FD or EMS agency that doesn’t care about packaging. Some of them actually request we remove the packaging to make it easier to store.


That is rare and on a "arrived too late’ no less, which is automatically seller-faulted even when it arrived before the expected delivery date.

Usually, 20-25% is the max; I don’t know if I’ve ever read of a seller getting 50% unless the customer returned a completely different product.

That’s a nice thought, but my money is on it’s a new Rep who hasn’t read the insider rule that all Safe-T claims (regardless of the damage) should not get awarded more than 20%.

Congrats, it’s always nice to hear about a win!!