Finding out who made IP claim

I had a listing deactivated for an IP claim. It is under review. The item is my design, no branding, 100% made by me with raw materials. No brand names listed or stated in listing. Nothing remotely like it in an etsy search.

At some point, will Etsy indicate who made the claim? I had a deactivation recently for policy violation with no specific reason but I questioned it in a support email and they replied it was a mistake and reactivated that listing, but this is supposedly an IP violation.

I sell it on all 3 venues. Basically the title contains Carnelian, Stick, and Copper so I cannot see how that could activate the complaint.

Would I need an attorney just to find out who is making the complaint?

Usually on amazon side they do have a contact no? Damn and I thought amazon was hard.


There is that…

None of my dozen plus others have been hit nor the thousands on E, Amazon or Ebay so doubtful that is it.

Any update @wadeorcas ? Can you remove/replace “Carnelian”?

I currently have 17 other Carnelian listing that are not deactivated so it is doubtful it is a “Carnelian” issue. I suspect it is an error and I’m not sure Etsy is actually reviewing it although they say they are. Here is the actual notice:

This is a message from Etsy regarding your shop. We’re getting in touch to let you know our system has removed one or more of your listings as a potential counterfeit or unauthorized item, which are prohibited on Etsy under our Intellectual Property Policy and Prohibited Items Policy. We have refunded the listing fees associated with the removed item(s).

We are in the process of reviewing the deactivated listing(s). Please do not remove or edit your listing(s) while they are under review.

Here is from Etsy Help page:

What to Do if You Receive a Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement

Etsy’s Intellectual Property Policy requires us to remove or disable content from Etsy shops if we receive a report of alleged intellectual property infringement. If any of your listings are removed due to an infringement claim, you’ll receive an email with the contact information of the party who filed it.

If it is actually an IP infringement complaint, I’ve yet to receive contact information of the filing party so it could possibly be flagged in error as a “prohibited item” :man_shrugging:


But a week later, still no word. :confounded:

This would be like trying to sell a ruby ring and not using the word ruby. Carnelian is a gemstone as old as the hill. Trademarking is usually limited to some sort of usage, vs. carte blanche ownership of the word.


Thank you for that context, @aerides! I am no jeweler.

Update. After multiple requests to gain contact information of the reporting party, I never received an answer or explanation to any of my requests but the deactivated item is now activated.

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I mean… :partying_face: but why at all???

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