First Recession in an Ecom World?

Looking and various stats from oberlo and ascendia online and global retail sales is expected to increase year over year with various growth rates. Additionally, the share of online sales is expected to increase as well.

Anything new or different folk are doing with their businesses?

Note - Obviously, how they pull data is a tad nebulous but there are insights to gain and guesses to be made. According to some, we’re already in a recession and the feds are misreporting numbers. For instance, for unemployment rates instead of looking at the U6, the numbers being reported are from the U3. We all know that costs at our local grocers have increased by an x% - gluten free bread that I was paying $7 for is now $9, milk that I was paying $6 for is now $8 etc etc. Seniors are filling in cashier and store aisle jobs etc etc.

Keep it halal/kosher.


There was a recession in 2008 which affected the ecomm world.

We probably are not in a recession, yet. But there are certainly reasons to question growth numbers.

I have never felt the inflation rate is a key measure of pain. Inflation is cumulative, and so is the economic hardship. The inflation rate just tells us how fast things are getting more painful.

No one provides a measure or a tool to measure your personal inflation rate, short of your checking account statement.

Today’s better than expected GDP number made the stock market end its current winning streak. There is something wrong when a number which should be viewed as “good news” leads to market losses.

Everything appears to have turned to merde. We can argue about when that happened, though not on this forum, but it was not in the last 2, or 6 years.

The negative effects on what I sell are not just due to the economy, they are due to the lack of interest in many of these items, and the demise of people who have an interest.

We can characterize that in many ways depending on what we think of younger people. But it is clear that young people are totally unprepared for the economy we have today and what is ahead.


To be fair, I would think it likely that the Federal Reserve’s 0.25% increase in interest rate on the 26th probably played a role in that happenstance.


Yes, times is tough.

Just remember you can still get yourself a jumbo hot dog and a cold pop for $1.50 at Costco.

(Cannot confirm if that is a halal/kosher meal) eat at your own risk.

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I think it is a bit late for it to be a FED reaction. Though certainly Powell’s comments after the increase should have impacted the market.

No one was surprised by this increase. But whether there will be another soon is subject to conflicting opinions. This GDP number could be read to support “a soft landing” which should encourage higher prices, or more tightening which might encourage lower stock prices.

I believe today’s drop is based solely on some algorithm being used by traders.


One of my longer explanations here but I am a ‘BIT’ concerned about the future of the world.
I (we) have my (our) 17 year old Grandson here for the Summer since Moscow is still not a great place to be. Our oldest son is with the State Department and the teachers at the HS for diplomatic staff dependents quit. Grandson is going to school in England at some fancy schmanzy ‘IB’ program learning how to save the world from the likes of me.

We were talking about ‘the future’ a bit and the subject of NOT needing a college degree to make good money came up. I mentioned some of the customers at the store my wife and youngest son own – guys that walk in and plunk down $1500 or more for a new RC car or truck.

I explained that a couple of them worked for a company cleaning sewers and sewer lines. BIG lines they actually walk through. I told him he wouldn’t like it because you actually get dirty doing it - he hits the ‘hand sanitizer’ a couple times an hour generally.

His comment was “I wouldn’t mind it if they gave me a uniform but I don’t want to get my own clothes dirty.”

I was driving so I couldn’t laugh as hard as I wanted to…

The price increases are aptly named “greed-flation”, it is proven by the corporate profits and earnings reports, an “economic factor” somehow not tracked by the government like prices and wages are… I wonder why?


Doesn’t matter … while you were typing this 5 hours ago, we were enjoying one of those Costco dogs …

{{{ it’s one of the few things we save $$$ on while at Costco }}} :wink:

ummm … paid $2.65 for a gallon of 2% today …

{{{ price was the same at Sams and Costco }}}

ummm … we got a straw with our drinks today at Costco … Texas


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