[Forbes] Best Buy to stop selling DVDs - Good or Bad for Amazon Sellers

For certain things, I do like having the DVD. I don’t have to worry about losing access because a show/movie has been pulled off the air by broadcasters.

Good for legit amazon DVD sellers. Bad for ra amazon sellers that used bb as a source!


Gotta look at the big picture here.

Why is best buy ceasing sales? Because the buyers aren’t there. Companies stop selling products for 1 main reason and it’s because those products aren’t profitable anymore. Physical media is a dying industry. In a few years there may not BE DVDs/blu-rays to sell anymore for most new content.

It’s not like you need a physical DVD to keep content on hand. Large hard drives are extremely cheap nowadays and 1 of those can store enough content for you to watch in a lifetime.

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For years Amazon and Ebay were the primary sources for LaserDiscs,

Sellers did well until business disappeared,

The lack of new issues of DVDs and BluRays is beginning. Similarly the fact that new LPs exceed the sales of new CDs tells the story. Optical media is dying.

There will still be some older buyers who want their physical media.

They will be encouraged by dropping prices and the rising prices of streaming. And the number of titles which are being sold to ad based streamerss.

There are so many titles which already have no market. Who wants to predict how many will have a market next week or next month.

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I was a bit miffed last year that the brand new minivan with entertainment package included did not include a dvd player.

Then I slowly realized just how technology has changed in the last few years….when exactly was the last time I even bought a dvd? In the last 6 years…3 lol.

With 5 kids we had at one point accumulated a bunch of dvds but I ended up selling the majority of them when Disney plus was announced several years ago. I realized the only dvds we actually have left is Lego movie and Lego movie 2. Something all the kids agree on in the rare event that the internet is out and it’s movie time lol.

Netflix quit dvds and it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone quits it as well. Something something everyone will own nothing and you will be happy lol. I remember having quite the cd collection in highschool and now I just pay for Spotify and have access to more music than I could listen to in my lifetime.

DVDs are not even really hard to come by. The few things I’ve wanted to watch that are not streaming and not at the library I’ve been able to buy on eBay for a few bucks or get it from a Facebook buy nothing group and then donate it to the library when we are done.

My wife does not understand my lack of interest in the DVDs she takes out of the library.

I refuse to get up and put them in the DVD player. She resents that but does not get up to put them in the DVD player.

I have about 3k LPs with none being offered for sale, or all being offered for sale.

Kinda a stupid article, but they do have a couple nice charts showcasing plummeting DVD revenues as well as one showing DVDs overtaking VHS tapes a couple decades ago.

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Vinyl records were dead until they weren’t. In time, it might be possible the DVD will have a similar rebirth.

Or maybe the digital movie will spark a thumb drive movement ???

Time marches on … with or without you …

We’re doing this thing with Vudu* now where you basically can get a digital copy in your Vudu vault (accessible anywhere), for cheap, from your DVD. So our DVDs are in a few boxes in the basement. When we want to watch one, we go down there, locate it, and using a mobile phone add the digital copy to the Vudu vault (with bar code).

We have 4 tvs and only 1 DVD player, but this way we can watch the movie on any tv (they’re all Vudu-enabled) plus various devices with the app.

Cheaper than buying 3 more DVD players.

If we do buy a physical DVD, we make sure it includes a digital copy to add to the vault.

*I’m sure other companies/apps do this, too, probably. This is not a Vudu advert.

Not before the existing DVDs fall victim to ROT.

And no one is going to make an argument about DVDs having superior image quality as was done for audio quality on vinyl.

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I do have a related question to ask.

How many DVDs do you watch more than once?

How long between watching a DVD more than once.

I have a lot of DVDs and Vinyl.

My vinyl has also been transferred to hard disk. I find it is easier to stream than buy new vinyl or mp3s. Although my car will play MP3 on a USB drive, I am more likely to listen to satellite radio.

I have a 4gb drive full of movies and tv shows, I watch them just once.

If I put on my eco-friendly hat, both DVDs and Vinyl are not in the interests of the planet.

When I transfer to hard disk, I never use a lossless format, which means quality is not an issue.


The new-to-me 2019 Chevy Colorado I purchased last year (only 22K miles…yay!) does not have a CD player, DVD player, or anything that I would have expected of a vehicle 6 or 7 years ago. However, it does have a USB-C port so I guess I can use it for my audio/video needs. Still have yet to figure out how the whole shebang works.

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Every time I think of my massive DVD collection I thank the makers of…

I don’t want streaming services curating, gatekeeping, or limiting my movie library for me.

:older_woman: I worked at Blockbuster Video, for crying out loud!

The 2016 Vox article: https://www.vox.com/culture/2016/12/27/14057894/physical-media-essential-streaming-dvd-bluray-netflix.


Give it some time.

Remember how long it took the music industry to open their eyes and realize the path forward was to allow DRM-free downloads of purchased content?

Seems like the movie/TV industry is repeating those same mistakes now by not offering easy and DRM-free access to content. Simple fact is if you make it hard to legally buy and download the content (or try to lock it down with DRM), people will just download it for free off a torrent site.

Eventually DVD sales will be replaced with simple (DRM-free) digital download sales, and you can keep and store those forever without having to worry about a service removing it or the service going out of business. DVD/Blu-rays will basically just be collector items much like CDs are now.

Plex is awesome. Been running my server for more than 10 years now and have 10TB of media there. It’s on MY server, not in the Plex cloud although they do offer that service.

I am not affiliated with Plex and this isn’t a Plex ad LOL. Just a long time satisfied user.



I use Servio rather than PLEX.

Warning: OFF TOPIC, sorry.

Interesting. I have a Linux box connected to my TV. I run Plex on that, but looks like Servio would run as well since it’s Java based. Any benefits over Plex? I like that I can share my library with all my friends and relatives at no cost to them. not sure how many they allow, but I haven’t hit it yet and I have like 20 shares so far. Used to use Kodi way back, but Plex is easier to maintain for me, just have to install the updates when they come out.


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I chose servio because I liked the annotation automatically provided on the media.

Don’t know if PLEX had it then, and I like the transcoding of media,

I use a variety of clients and it detects whether it is necessary to transcode for specific ones.

I am not an evangelist for it, and I sometimes skip updates.

I run it on a dedicated Win 10 system.