[FTC] FTC Acts to Stop Online Business Coaching Scheme Lurn From Deceiving Consumers About Money-Making Potential

FTC Acts to Stop Online Business Coaching Scheme Lurn From Deceiving Consumers About Money-Making Potential

One Lurn program, “Kindle Cashflow University,” claimed to show consumers how to make money by finding popular electronic books on Amazon’s Kindle platform and then creating near-copies of those books to sell to consumers who might be searching for the popular titles. Another program, “Email Startup Incubator,” promised consumers passive income through affiliate and email marketing.

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What is wrong with people?


Sounds like the FTC is on a roll lately.



…and YIKES at these BBB complaints :grimacing:



Ok, first, these guys clearly need to shut down. I wouldn’t count on the FTC receiving that $2.5 million, though.

That being said… if you think you’re going to get rich “Lurning” from guys who can’t even spell learn correctly, then I’m going to guess this isn’t the first time a lot of these people have been scammed. I’d assume their bread and butter were less tech-savvy older folks along with recent immigrants or those with minimal English comprehension skills.


One of the BBB complaints:

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service
Status: Answered

April 30, 2022 I was sent a Webinar from Lurn Company for a home business to earn extra income. I listened to all their information and signed paying 3 payments of $1191 believing this was an easy way to increase my income.I have had trouble accessing the material, hard to navigate thru. I am 77 years old trying to supplement my Social Security. The Webinar was inaccurate about how easy it was to set up a home business. Lurn Company and denied my refund, this is why I am contacting you. Regards,*****************************


Yeah I’m reading through these now and it sounds like an absolute ■■■■ show


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I am certain the defendants will provide witnesses who made money using their methods.

There is always someone who is an early entrant in these schemes, and makes money.

As for BBB complaints, BBB exists to blackmail companies to become members. If you don’t the complaints are not closed. If you do, you manage to have an acceptable rating.


It’s currently being ‘updated’:

https: //www.bbb.org/us/md/rockville/profile/digital-media/lurn-inc-0241-71159217

It appears that the BBB complaints page has been removed since I posted the link! Wonder if the BBB noticed increased traffic or if Lurn requested removal, but it was full of complaints like this one earlier today. :grimacing:

Actually, most of them mentioned being tricked into paying out $9k+ to Lurn and then not being able to get in touch with these “consultants” to request refunds.

One I recall said there was some sort of “birthday” scheme where you put in $1k and earn some multiple of that within 3 days. This user said it had been 2 weeks, and they still couldn’t even get their store set up (no mention of platform), but Lurn had gone incommunicado.

ETA: lol @Image and @Dogtamer. When I checked just now, I first got the 404 error but now have the “updating” message. :eyes:

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Being the sort of person you all know me to be, I cannot tell the difference between people who were tricked and people who were dumber than dirt. So many of these schemes rely upon stupidity.


The third option after ignorance and unintelligence is straight up greedy impulsivity.


many of these schemes rely prey upon stupidity.

Low IQ stupid can’t be fixed, or prevented. The evil take advantage of the unfortunate, and the desperate.


A truth amply demonstrated when covid hit.

Maybe the FTC could include those Buy-at-Dollar-Tree-sell-on-Amazon gurus.


…now there’s also a site banner

What do you want to bet, we have a little pay to play action going on here.

Something that always bothered me about this type of organization.

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