[FTC] FTC Adds Senior Executives Who Played Key Roles in Prime Enrollment Scheme to Case Against Amazon

FTC Adds Senior Executives Who Played Key Roles in Prime Enrollment Scheme to Case Against Amazon
Amended complaint includes significant evidence redacted in initial complaint revealing extensive knowledge of Prime nonconsensual enrollment and complex cancellation issues

The amended complaint is worth a read. :flushed:


I wonder if Audible will be brought up in this. Not only do they make it extremely complicated to even know you have an active membership, but they also revoke credits you previously paid for when canceling.


Check the screenshot of p71. ALL of Amazon’s subscription service cancellations were under review by the internal Shopping Design department’s “Clarity Working Group” at the same time as Amazon’s senior execs were actively working to suppress/ignore the findings of the same group.

Right hand knew what left hand was doing, so chopped it off so the FTC couldn’t discover it :grimacing: (see p84 screenshot).

This is more than just silo management being ineffective. This is silo management actively sabotaging itself.


Hopefully that will translate to ‘created liability’ for Amazon in Court.

There are lines that should not be crossed in writing. There is less of a chance of execs recording other execs during a conversation but it has happened.

Let the fun and games begin as former execs start turning over their evidence to save their own butts…


With all due respect where it’s due:

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Some people (some people)

Are up to no good, ah

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Some of the wording in the complaint is a little loosey goosey suggesting the FTC does not have evidence of the exact behavior.

This could be an attempt to turn these executives, and strengthen the case.


Exactly. Shine the light, catch the cockroaches.

So much of the added information is how the FTC only became aware of certain aspects because of whistleblowers and leaks to the media.

And this is exactly the kind of behavior that leaves too many corporations



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Just to clarify, this FTC case against Amazon is on behalf of Buyers who were (allegedly) duped/forced into Prime memberships and renewals.

Today’s FTC case against Amazon is on behalf of 3P Sellers regarding (alleged) monopoly issues and should be discussed at [FTC] FTC Sues Amazon for Illegally Maintaining Monopoly Power.

Thanks, all!


Without reading the entire thread again, I believe this is the one where they named a number of executives, correct? (Yes, I’m tired and too lazy to look at it all).

If it is, has anyone been looking for any Section 144 stock filings by those named to see if they are planning on turning into witnesses instead of defendants?

I would think that at least some of those guys would be high enough on the food chain to have restricted stock.

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Amazon has filed a Motion to Dismiss for the FTC’s June 2023 Prime enrollment lawsuit.

Read Amazon’s motion here (pdf download): https://fingfx.thomsonreuters.com/gfx/legaldocs/byprrbxzjpe/Amazon%20MTD%20FTC%20Prime%2020231018.pdf

For a bit of a context reminder:

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Found some more info on “dark patterns” relevant both to this FTC lawsuit against Amazon and today’s FTC’s settlement with Chargeback911 (who helped “dark pattern” clients deceptively challenge legitimate chargebacks).

In September of 2022, the FTC issued a 48-page dark patterns report, titled “Bringing Dark Patterns to Light.”

It’s important for ecomm Sellers to understand strategies that are being challenged legally, even if those strategies have been in widespread use or considered acceptable within the industry.

ETA: Some excerpts… :eyes::grimacing:

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