Fulfillment Fee Rebate

Had a bit of a shock today. I have a manufacturer that ships directly to Amazon for me. When I went to print out the labels, I just about had a heart attack. I thought it was typical Amazon ineptitude because they wanted me to ship 3 boxes from California to Pennsylvania. Normally, these shipments cost me about 10 cents an item in shipping. This particular shipment was about 30 cents an item. :rage:

Not much I could do about it, so I sucked it up. I entered the date when the product would ship out and got a message about a fulfillment fee rebate if I was okay with shipping cross country. The cost of shipping the product to Amazon was $44.71, and Amazon said they would give me a $63.20 fulfillment fee rebate if I were willing to ship cross-country.

Heck yeah, I will ship for free and let Amazon compensate me for the opportunity. I know it will take longer to arrive, but the shipping page said there were booking in lags at the closer warehouses. Time will tell if the longer shipping was worth it.

Anyone else out there getting this type of rebate offer?

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Yes, many members of our Seller Community have reported the same (mainly, from what I’ve seen, here in the SAS, or in other discussions venues; not so much in the NSFE).


Yes, all the time. Amazon is paying us to send inventory in. It’s nice…

Our splits are generally within 100 miles of us and each other. Recent example.

1 shipment split in 3. Freight = $40. Rebate = $90. +$50.

Within 72 hours, all 3 were checked in.

Generally we ship LTL but LTL is taking forever so we have been taking advantage of this stupidity on Amazon’s part to pay us instead of the other way around.

I believe the rebates are prorated as that inventory sells. Doesn’t come all at once.


I am gradually being forced towards a conclusion that the rebates are being offered in a specific effort to reduce LTL/FTL FBA Inbound Shipments.

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I’ve seen it on LTL as well. That’s too much of a pain in the ■■■ though. Our pallets are built during production. Having the guys split them up is bound to cause internal errors I don’t want to deal with.

I set up 2 big SPD shipping plans last night. Was a little miffed that we weren’t offered anything on those… Thought it was going to be a windfall… lol

This is the crap we have to deal with now the LTL shipments are taking weeks, if not longer to check in.

From yesterday to my peeps… This scenario used to be 2 pallets, picked up within 48 hours and then checked in within 48 hours of pickup. Those days are temporarily over…

Shipment 1 - UPS - 10 shippers of 6 cases each - 1,440 units to be deployed on Thursday 10-26-23. Please see the file attached with this date in the filename for the UPS / FBA labels.

Shipment 2 - UPS - 10 shippers of 6 cases each - 1,440 units to be deployed on Friday 10-27-23. Please see the file attached with this date in the filename for the UPS / FBA labels.

Shipment 3 - LTL - 2 Pallets with the following breakdown:

  • Pallet #1 - 170 Cases of 24 - 4,080 Bottles.
  • Pallet #2 - 171 Cases of 24 - 4,104 Bottles.

Please have the team apply the attached case labels (separate file) to all the cases. There’s no special order.

Once the case labels are applied, please have the team build the pallets as stated above, wrap, and then apply the pallet labels that are attached (separate file).

The 2 pallets are tentatively scheduled to be picked up on 11-1-23 by Amazon. I will update if this changes. Will send BOL when it’s available.

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I’ve “gotten” a few of these credits, but I haven’t actually figured out where I get the $$ from them or where/how it’s applied so I quit doing it. Someone somewhere said you won’t see it till the item sells? I don’t have time to micromanage that and I have not noticed any lesser fees on items sold so…… :woman_shrugging:

It costs me more to ship further away and I haven’t really noticed much of a delay in choosing a “slow” warehouse so I’m over it.

So it should show up in our transactions view? Can SAS tell you where to find them. I really don’t wanna gag/hurl as I’m opening a new case to ask this question.

I get this offer regularly for 2 skus that I have. Pretty nice. Especially since they are going to my regular fulfillment centers.


GREAT question. My SAS girl is on Vacay till Tues. I will ask when I talk to her next.

She won’t know but she will find out. She gets us an answer to every single question we ask, even if it’s dumb. I freaking love her. Gets back to me in mins instead of 24 hours later or longer like our last guy who we really loved until we got this one.

Worth every single penny we pay for that program. I’m so much less neurotic now that we have someone we can actually work with to get pretty much anything done or fixed.


I love girls too…are we the same? :joy: Happy for you.

Don’t rub it in too much, it might really cause angst for some SAS members :joy:

Girls, girls, girls… thinking of the Motley Crue song…

That’s all I will say on the subject lest I get in trouble.


What are you gonna do… Is what it is. I refuse to lose. This is my last chance at regaining the success I once had in life and we are spending every single penny we can to make that happen. I’ve got a great partner and lots of trusted industry connections.

I’ve worked probably 80-100 hours a week since March of 2017 to build this business and gain an edge. One day that work is going to pay off.

Now, it’s time to go to bed. Mr. successful guy here has to get up early and replace the door lock actuator on my daughters corolla and change the spark plugs in it as well. Saving $700 by doing it myself. Also have to get an oil change and inspection for my wife’s truck and my old Mustang that are both up on the 31st.

Additionally, I need to clean up my MIL’s house (upstairs) from my kitten taking residence there since June. She’s finally returning from her summer home after 5+ months on Saturday.

I’ve been busy all week taking advantage of this INSANE weather in NY getting all the things I wanted to get done this summer (and didn’t) done…

Monday was car day
Tuesday was also car day
Wed was power washing day
Today was concrete repair day
Tomorrow is car and cleanup day

FML and LOL and SMH!

Night! :yawning_face:


I was incognito-ing on NSFE and found this thread explaining where the rebate shows up in your reports - أمازون


Thanks for this. I suspect we will all be seeing more “Shipment Problems” for shipments that included a rebate so the sellers pay more for the freight and don’t get the rebate.

Shipment must be perfect or: