Future IP Violations - Get Ready

I just realized we do not have a separate category for IP rights and violations.

Should we have one.

Thought I would share this 10 minute article from the WSJ about AI driven IP violations or are they not.

Going to be lots of big money litigation. Little guys will need to be careful to steer clear of it.

This link bypasses the paywall.

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We have this category under account health

Should we add one in “General Selling”?

We can do that easily. Please just vote :+1:t3::-1:t3: and it will be done

I missed that, sorry.

Can you move this thread?





Thanks for sharing this link.

“This is not going away,” Mr. Dryhurst says. “As a society, we have to digest that all media is now training data, and any style—even a timbre in music—is going to be a non-protectable thing.”

Any design, idea, written word will be at risk. IP enforcement could become impossible.


I deal with suspected IP violations daily due to listing foreign collectible postage stamps. Some of the stuff that is suspected is scratch your head and wonder why crapola. Putting Manama in a title got me one. Manama is the capitol city of Bahrain and it was printed on the stamp. But I assume it is also a brand. Kabuki got me another suspected and the list goes on and on. It is easier just to remove the suspected IP violation than to fight it because I would be fighting a never ending battle.


I can recommend two good attorneys. One is in rural NH (forgot her name off the top of my head) and the other is kind of a colleague in that he represents my trade group - Paul Rafelson.