Generic Listings, Error 5885 - some info on how to proceed

I did a search but didn’t see much discussion about the new Generic listing protections, but thought I would share my experience getting past it if it helps anyone else.

So last month Amazon gave more protections to Generic listings than to brand registry-“protected” listings. If you try to put an offer on a generic listing you generally get the 5885 Error stating you cannot make changes, edits, etc and that you need to Add a product to put up your own product.

I recently got in stock some game books and sets that are most definitely branded, right on their covers and backsides, and there were two listings available. There were only two sellers on each, Amazon, and another toy/game seller that is always incredibly overpriced and has a feedback rating in the sub 50% range. If you sell in the category you probably can guess which one.

I tried to put up my stock on offer to both and both returned with the Generic 5885 error. I am assuming that the other seller created the listings and set them to generic, though the Brand is right there on the listing and correctly displays the publisher’s name.

I opened a case under Help, and they even have a specific spot for reporting issues with the 5885. For the first case, I was able to add pictures of the front and back of the product, and within about 48 hours I was told that my offer was fine, and thanks for continuing compliance with Amazon’s Generic policy. The funniest part is that the instructions for the images included showing pictures that “clearly show the product has no brand”. I took close up photos with my finger pointing directly at the brand in each image. Still passed inspection.

However, when I went to open another case for the same reason, I was initially rejected stating that I already had a case open for 5885, even though this was for a completely different listing. I was able to open a chat with support, explained the same issue, and they generated a ticket to which I could respond and again include photos. I asked the CS chat rep how I was supposed to submit “unbranded” photos, when the item was in fact branded, right on the cover, and they said they couldn’t help me with that, but that I needed to respond to the ticket.

Anyways, they keep claiming the items are generic, but that I was approved to submit my offer, even though I was asking them why it was deemed generic even with the proof to the contrary. They just cut/paste the same approval statement.

In the end, I was able to list the items, and then sold out in 2 days…

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First, thanks for posting …

… but it’s been much longer than a month. Then, even so, I’ve got a client having issues on a Generic page where the images, title and description have been edited to a brand. So exact same issue.

I told my client to open a case and they heard the same … but I advised them NOT to sell on the page.

Pages with errors are not the best and can lead to violations down the road. Even if you delete your listing it will stay recorded because you have sales on it.

Hopefully this doesn’t come back to bite you …


Thanks so much for posting your experience & though not properly resolved how you were able to list your item. This generic thing is a godsend to RA sellers who can now price gouge with impunity. How can Amazon miss this glaring error? But thanks to your info I’m going with “if you can’t beat em join em” :upside_down_face:
I understand Oneida’s point but willing to take my chances. Almost done with Amazon after 13 yrs- just need to clear inventory.

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