Global Selling "Fun"

I am always concerned when I see News_Amazon post a discussion which has no corresponding News Headline announcement (which is a phenomenon I do not recall ever seeing before Q2 of this year), such as here:

Expand your Amazon business across Europe in 3 days (link, NSFE)

Some may recall that I was rather vehemently vituperative about the GEI (‘Dogtamerese’ for Amazon’s “Global Expansion Initiative”) foibles long before the ‘sneak’ addition of the Global Marketplace to the NAmU (“North American Unified”)-assigned SoA (‘Amazonese’ for “Selling on Amazon” aka 3P Seller aka Seller Central) Accounts of many members of our Seller Community*.

Some may also be aware that I tend to pay close attention to trends on the Amazon front, archiving & classifying the data points in a way that enhances the ability to connect the dots, even when @ the first blush they might seem innocuous, or unrelated.

It has not proven particularly unusual over the last 4-5 years for complaints to arise about unexpected Global Selling connections in the 3 iterations of the ASF employed since 2012; I’ve long suspected that the majority of such problems were most-likely to prove self-inflicted wounds upon members of our Seller Community who didn’t read the fine print (and/or didn’t fully understand the implications of what they were doing).

Still, I’ve noticed a rather-sharp uptick, in recent months (over in the NSFE and in related discussion venues), of posts such as these, from 3P Sellers who’ve been around the block a time or two before:

Unhealthy Ratings in international marketplaces (link)

I suspect that it probably behooves all of us to keep a sharp eye peeled on the Your Global Accounts Dashboard (link, Seller Central) - and on all of its related functionalities.


An unheralded & unexpected development which caused much furor in our Seller Community, with repercussions still being felt down to this very day for some of us, of which the available evidences strongly suggests that SEAmod (Susan H) was rather instrumental in getting such rollouts nipped in the bud, back when she was in charge of the ASF…


You already know about our FBA export exploits and how miserably they failed due to Amazon’s compliance incompetence.

Sort of a different story but not really.

Just adding this for anyone considering FBA Export and selling anything that has regulations tied to it anywhere in the world.