Going back to eBay, Flat File Uploads?

Ebay was the first Multi Channel Site we launched on. We had done our own websites with eCommerce in the early 1990’s. Roll your own open source stuff. We then learned Wordpress when it was launched, for distributed content reasons. When they started to support eCommerce we added a plugin for that, it aged out. Then we upgraded to WooCommerce.

We launched on eBay in 1999-2000 and it went well. We enjoyed the marketplace.

When we moved to Amazon in 2013, it went so well we ignored eBay. Though we still pay for some level that gives us 150 listings “at no additional cost” we have not added anything in at least 8 years.


We used the tools that eBay offered for uploading listings, they appear to be gone now.

What is available for doing a flat file upload like we do with Amazon?

All the work is done for our Brands, all we need to do is move that to eBay. We have done this for Etsy, Walmart, Michaels and our own websites. Looking for a way to avoid cut and paste.

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I remember eBay when I could browse computers in under an hour. I started actually selling though in 2002 while Iu still had my Cabinet Shop.

Anyway, it makes no sense but look here: Uploads - https://www.ebay.com/sh/reports, Yes it says “Reports”


That looks like what I was looking for, now to try downloading a template and giving it a test flight!

Our big growth on eBay came from Sept 11th. We got a phone call from a family in New York, they wanted to know if we made American Flags. Someone had stolen the flag from the casket of their family member who was in the tower collapse.

While we did not, we could make Flag Magnets for cars, that we did and sent them some for free.

At the time eBay only did auctions. We just wanted to fill a need and had to keep the items in stock, and price them so they sold at a fair price. People were willing to pay anything. We did not want to charge the price they wanted to pay.


Same For Us - we stopped Ebay a while back.

But i Still have this Bulk Upload Link:

Manage Active listings:

Manage All Orders:


I do not use uploads because the bulk of my items are one of.

Sorry I can’t help