Google Merchant Center

Do you guys use it at all?
Does it improve SEO or increases sales perceptibly?

It’s annoying to populated and not well integrated with Amazon, eBay, Wally and/or Shopify

Ot reads the products from the different URLs that I provide, but it doesn’t copy the vital info, like for instance GTINs

I signed up in 2020 and have a login for both Merchant Center and Manufacturer Center for our company.

Had only 6 orders from March to September.
I was using it just for Google Shopping sales from searches.
Basically the Buy on Google or BOG feature.

Then… enter new employee with new ideas. He moved our google sales away from Merchant Center and has Shopify doing something with Google and then no orders pop-in from Google Shopping anymore.

I can see all the products and data inside Merchant Center but no one in our company uses Merchant Center anymore. I just look at it for fun.

Buy on Google results only show our Etsy and eBay stores now. No more BOG sales.


Would love to know what that is.

Google Merchant Center gives me tired head - you think Amz UI is bad. It disapproved all of my listings for not having a shipping cost (I offer free shipping), so I had to weave my way into “something” in that mess to if/then the logic so it would bypass it.

I haven’t received a single sale via Google Shopping. All of my hits are from Google or Bing or direct. I ran Google ads last fall and it ate my daily budget up like candy.

It can’t hurt, but I personally haven’t seen much direct benefit.


We usually call them “idiots with initiative”

Years ago I bought a punching speed bag and installed in an unused office. The office is locked and only the plant manager, my dad and myself (we are family company) have the key to the office.

Whenever either ones needs to unwind after somebody shows too much initiative… well, we try to limit the use of the office at no more than once per week.

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Great idea!

Shhhh not so loud, his desk is right next to mine…
And I’ve never called him anything so nice.

We got tired of chasing Google around. I do not remember the first option, but we put a lot of work into Google Shopping, they then changed that to Google Merchant Center.

No one shops on Google, get over it Google.

Click Fraud is identifiable on Google. Unlike Amazon Click fraud that is completely opaque. It is particularly bad on the Google “Display Ads” sound familiar Amazon Advertisers?

It got so bad, we set up our ads for a one cent budget. Just so they could call us, and ask us why. That gave me a chance to provide documentation and proof of the fraud. We know both sides since we also ran AdSense on News websites.

The last straw, was in September of last year they (Google) changed the way ads were billed and presented. A $400 bill showed up. We made no changes, yet they started billing us since the background program changed.

Our bank helped us resolve it, and it was not easy. Since they had access to our bank account rather than a credit card. Be warned everyone.

ETA, We have had more sales in Amazon MX than we have had on three generations of Google shopping. Two hands 10 fingers, can count up both those marketplaces.


Same thing happened to me. I think I had a $10 daily budget, then BAM I had a $60 bill and then a $300 one or something like that - and they were days apart (zero sales). It was impossible to figure out (again, their UI is awful) so I just shut it off for good.

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As did we. I worked with them for a week, trying to get them to understand why I should not have been charged. They made the change to the system, not me.

A bunch of long term promises to fix the billing and refund if I gave them bank statements, documentation, etc…

My bank of 30+ years clawed the charges back. I will never, ever, use them again. I have to renew the block on the account against them this month.

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Hi @Tallytony ,

I just received an email today that Google is discontinuing the Buy On Google feature in September.

ending BOG


Sooner or later, flogging a dead horse becomes…tiresome.


Years ago we used the Google Shopping Ads and then on to Google Merchant Center. In the beginning we did get traffic and sales but everything had to be coded into the website to meet what Google was looking for to make it work. As Google changed the parameters, we did our best to keep up until about 2017 when we were hit by a major hail storm and then didn’t have the time to chase the changes Google was making.

Our product line was limited and it took time to do the coding. We don’t know if it we would have done it had we had a large product line.

In today’s world, we are just trying to get placed on the first page of generic searches for our items which is not as easy as it was 20 years ago. The wild west days of the internet past are long gone.


And I just received an email today under “Engage more customers with high resolution images”

Get more engagement with high resolution product images
Merchants who show consistent, high resolution images on their product listings see more engagement from their customers on Google Search. Currently, only 0% of your product listings show a high resolution image.
Be sure to provide at least 3 high resolution images for product listings in most categories, and at least 5 high resolution images for those in apparel categories.
You can provide images in either portrait (4:3) or landscape (16:9) format, depending on the product’s aspect ratio.
Minimum 636x476 412x734
Suggested 1182x888 768x1366
How to add high resolution images
Start by uploading high resolution images to your web server.


We got that one also … along with one saying we were missing handle time … :thinking:

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