Ground Advantage, Can I use Priority boxes for >1LB items?

FIrst Class package could not be shipped in Priority boxes from the USPS. Does the Ground Advantage - Less Than 1LB have the same restrictions, or can I use these boxes now?

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No, the USPS will not allow this:


We have only used the expired Regional Boxes A1, A2, B1, B2.
No adjustments as of today but we did round up the box sizes for dimensional purposes.

We are under the impression that the discontinued Regional Boxes may be used for Priority or Ground Advantage. (But we may be wrong)

We know that Small Flat Rate, Medium, Large, Envelopes, and Padded cannot be used for USPS Ground Advantage shipments.


My understanding is that Ground Advantage encompasses Priority and First Class. If this is correct, does Ground Advantage fall under the umbrella of Priority Mail? You seem to be indicating that it does not, but I don’t see anything suggesting that in the (outdated) language on the USPS website.

Well, things are certainly in a state of flux, to be sure, but I suspect that the language included in that recently-updated FAQ - specifying Ground Advantage™ - is likely an indication that the USPS will continue charging Priority Mail rates wherever possible, despite the new amalgamation of services.


We treat the Reg A/B boxes because this article states the Regional Boxes can be used for shipping at weight-and-rate packages. We assume, which I dislike doing, this means Ground Advantage.

Some more info may be found here,
Regional Rate Boxes Article Number 000007280 [link]


I interpret that use as weight and rate packages is limited to priority mail weight and rate.

There is absolutely no reason for USPS to allow it to be used for any other class of mail, and by restricting it to weight and rate they avoid its usage for cubic which is lower cost.

USPS is not inclined to give anything away with a lower class of mail.

Parsing USPS articles has caused many expensive errors in the past. And will continue to do so, just as attempting to parse Amazon announcements has.

The correct answer is usually the one which increases revenues.


Ground Advantage is the combination of First Class and Parcel Select.

It is confusing because Parcel Select is sometimes more expensive than Priority to for the same weight and zone.

It is not Priority


Hmm. It seems that this is correct and I misunderstood pretty significantly.
Well, that clarifies some things.


This is accurate. The Regional Boxes may only be used for Priority Mail. (seems due to branding)
I sent an email to [email protected] for clarification and received the following reply.

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May I use the discontinued Regional A1 or A2 boxes for Ground Advantage shipments?
I was not sure the definition of Weight and Rate Package?

The USPS website states, “Customers with Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes A and B in their inventory can still use them for shipping, but they will be processed as weight and rate packages.”


No, these are still Priority Mail branded packaging and can only be shipped with that mail class. They can be shipped as Priority Mail weigh and rate packages.