Anyone else receive this email from Amazon?

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Got that a while back. October

Have not used it. But they recently extended it for another year, Until October 2024.

The selection of restaurants in my area stinks. And I am willing to drive to 5 Guys or Jersey Joes to eat my meal hot.

All of the deliveries seem to leave orders unattended outside our front door which is on a street with foot traffic. Does not seem to bother my neighbors but bothers me, even when it is their order.

Yup… they almost never ring the doorbell anymore. My daughter delivers for Uber Eats when she needs some quick cash, and she never rings the doorbell (just takes a picture which is sent to the recipient). She says she feels safer delivering that way, which I agree as a parent of a petite 19 year old dropping off food off in some of the questionable neighborhoods in the Jacksonville area.

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Went out of town two weeks ago for a comedy show. After it was over, I hadn’t had dinner, so ordered a pizza through door dash.

Tracked the delivery and went outside because the driver wasn’t going to be able to access the BnB. I guess they weren’t expecting me to be outside, so instead of stopping and giving me my order, they just kept on driving and kept my pizza :joy: Guess they were hungry.

Contacted DD and they said to check the picture of the delivery, but the driver never posted one. Luckily, DD gave me a full refund. Honestly, I think this was the plan all along…Leave order outside, take picture, then take the pizza and run. They didn’t expect me to be outside waiting.

Grubhub is the worst service in our area, so I typically will do DD or Postmates/Ubereats. This last experience has turned me off a bit, so won’t be ordering delivery for a while.

I’ve only used Grubhub once, and the fees were significantly higher than DoorDash and Ubereats, and I didn’t care for the app.

They appear to be struggling.

Amazon is probably trying to get a return on its investment.

Surprised that DoorDash is in such a deep financial hole… :astonished:

You shouldn’t be…

Per The Motley Fool’s Brett Schafer

In order to stem these losses, DoorDash will need to reduce its sales and marketing spend, which has the possibility of killing its impressive-looking revenue growth. It is easy to sell a dollar for 90 cents and call yourself a growing business. However, achieving growth while also turning a profit is a tougher task. – Will DoorDash Ever Make Money? | The Motley Fool

These delivery services kill restaurants. I own a significant fraction of 3 different bars/restaurants, and while the pandemic made these services a useful devil with which to dance, they now take roughly 30% of the food order as their “fee”, charged to the restaurant, over and above whatever fees the customer pays.

Its utter nonsense, so we include small cards in every order with a rundown (overprinted on a thermal printer, and customized for each order, showing the customer how much more they are paying (including the “suggested tip”) for delivery. The suggestion to call in and come pick up your own order, and have a free beverage of your choice if you have to wait a few is slowly training the repeat customers that its not so tough to drive a bit, and get their food hot, and without theft, extortionate demands from drivers, or other artifacts of uber/dash/whatever.


Some restaurants now refuse Doordash. As their front-end staff don’t get any gratuity from Doordash orders but it increases their workload.

Yeah, and I’m happy to offer a free drink at the bar just to get people out of the habit of using these apps, as they are a pain to deal with - multiple tablets are required to handle to order flow, and none of their apps integrate with any known restaurant or kitchen order system, so someone has to do “data entry”, and if things heat up someone else has to be the “delivery wrangler”, making sure that the drivers get the order they are supposed to get. During the pandemic, it kept the kitchens humming, and we even did a “ghost kitchen” to see how that worked, offering various hyper-narrow-focus cuisines, on the assumption that people would get bored with everyone’s menus.

But the drivers are Visigoths, and destroy the whole vibe of the place, so now we needed a “driver door” at 2 of 3 places, and a pickup counter, and access to the employee bathroom because drivers need bathrooms sometimes, and we want to be humane. (Also some of them might be or become dine-in customers themselves, one never knows, do one?)

We are not going to say “no” to any of the apps, but the apps themselves wax and wane as they first recruit, and then mistreat their drivers.

Are we profitable? Of course. Are the employees happy? Of course, we have profit sharing, so tips are pooled and are never as big as profit sharing. But does it suck to see the delivery service make more for mistreating a driver than we make on the entire meal? Yep, it sucks bad.

…kinda like Amazon for some folks… :wink:


I’m on the no just say no to Doordash side, but seriously! These are at will contractors they can stop go home (or more realistically their parents home) and take a potty break anytime they want. You don’t need to do that, if it is any potential inconvenience.

So… I guess I should not mention that the regular 3rd-party delivery folks, who we got to know over the pandemic, and are still regular drivers, also get FED. “Sammich 2 Go” is what the kids call it.

Yeah, we feed 'em, and they give our deliveries a little extra TLC. Worth it. Its called “attaining excellence” and “creative thinking”.

Got an email from Roku today offering me 6 months of DoorDash Dashpass for free.

Seems like there is a need for growth, especially since many restaurants in our area are dropping DoorDash, Uber and Grubhub during the dinner hour and on weekends. Makes it too hard to manage the kitchen and costs them too much margin on meals. The cannot raise prices any further without hurting in person sales. They cannot keep the takeout going without hurting in person sales.

I’ve never used Grubhub, DoorDash or any of those services. I live in a medium-sized city with about 100 places to eat. Many of them are less than two miles from my house. No sense in paying for delivery when I can go to a restaurant and order take-out for less time and money than it would take to deliver my order.

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Silly question, but don’t pizza places deliver their own pizzas anymore?

I don’t use any companies like GrubHub, and the last time I ordered a pizza, it came from their own delivery driver (Dominos, Pizza Hut etc).

I don’t see the point of using a food delivery service unless you want food from a restaurant that doesn’t already offer delivery.

I think it depends on the location. In Central Florida, when we ordered a pizza from Papa Johns, it was actually delivered by DoorDash. Now that I am in North Florida, the local Papa Johns delivers directly.

You definitely pay a premium to have delivery from the other restaurants. I don’t use them often, as it is hard to swallow the 40-50% markup in price. Only time I do is when I just don’t have time to run out, or am too lazy to make the effort. I also noticed recently that sometimes if you order food directly from a restaurant’s website for pickup, you still end paying inflated prices because they use the delivery apps systems to take the orders. I have to order over the phone from their in-house menu and request to pay when I pick up the food to get around that markup…

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Same as @SA_FL here. I don’t normally order from chain pizza places because I am a pizza snob but my cousin regularly orders papa johns and pizza hut. Both have had to switch over to 3rd party service because nobody wants to deliver pizzas any more. From my understanding, you do not get charged the 3rd party service fees when you order directly from the pizza joint, so I guess that is a plus.