Happy Hearts' Day

On this day of “love” and every day…
Appreciate everyone. Every Day.

I appreciate all of you.
Eat something sweet tonight.
We all deserve it.



The wife got my “Sugar-Free” choc.'s. She’s so thoughtful.



As always, I purchased a huge Whitman’s Sampler for mine.

If past history is indicator is any indicator of future performance, it’ll take about 3 weeks for it to be consumed in its entirety.

Been telling her for years that we could easily pare down that time if only she’d let me help, but she ain’t havin’ it; I always have to settle for rutabaga.

Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen… :grin:


I married the best woman ever. The first time I brought her flowers, she looked at me longingly when she took the vase from my hands, and said…
“Don’t ever do this again. Put the money in your 401K, because these will die in a few days and we will most likely have to get up in the wee hours of the morning, to search for where the cat puked.”


Or the truffles you have not!


Along with beau-ti-ful yellow roses, the man-of-the-house also bought a box of Whitman’s Non-Sugar chocolates for my diabetic self-a result of eating sweets while reading(Like a New Yorker cartoon from the 50’s–my idea of heaven), which my blessed mother warned me not to do!!(Also to turn on the light when reading which I usually failed to do. Now I see this email in a fog of cataracts).

OKAY MOM! YOU WERE (ALMOST) ALWAYS RIGHT!! HERE’S A BIG SMOOCH from your rebellious child for VALENTINES DAY!! :lips: :kiss: :lipstick: :kiss:

Russell Stover’s non-sugar individually wrapped chocs may taste a leetle better but last night they were going for $44.00 for a 2-1/2 pound bag on the platform we all love… to hate.


I had my cataract surgery about three years or so ago. The implants got me to 20/20+ except for close up. I did not do the bifocal implant because of having crappy luck with bifocals for years.

Now I just have bifocals for reading sitting on my head for when I need them. I just have to remember they are there!



which is becoming increasingly more difficult.
And the mobile phone is another issue entirely!

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The moment when you remember you put a tracker on your phone to track your glasses but then can’t find your phone because you can’t see across the room without your glasses.


Alexa turn up my hearing aid.
Alexa call my phone.
Siri beep to me.


Who Knew this Valentines Day at White Castle is a thing until I saw it on the news.

valentine’s day white castle



Since have reached the point, I’m half blind either with/without glasses and they spend most of their time on the top of my head, I’m having the surgery next month. To put in lenses to correct horrid astigmatism, nearly 5 grand. To have the lenses so wouldn’t need glasses at all or just cheaters one buys at the local pharmacy, nearly 8k. Medicare won’t pay for anything except basic surgery,

Wonderful advances in medicine–if one can pay for them!! Happy Valentines Day, I told the man-of-the house, and slap down enough to pay for that cruise/train trip to Denali National Park you’ve been planning. :revolving_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :two_hearts:


Sending positive energy for the most pain free, stress free experience possible and a quick and comfortable recovery! Please keep us updated.