Has anyone ever used the "create a set" FBA prep option?

If so, how did things turn out?

I did a trial run with this, I sent 600 units into an ASIN for a 2 pack and selected the create a set prep (which is actually priced quite reasonably @ 70 cents), and it’s been a while and they’ve “received” 150 units exactly (when it should be 300). The way this was boxed the only possible way they could receive 150 units exactly is if they created 4 unit sets. My guess is billy looked at the picture, saw 2 units in the picture, then looked at the title which says 2-pack, and came to the conclusion that this is a 2 pack of 2 units and put 4 in each pack. If the received units isn’t correct soon I’m going to do a test buy to see what happened here.

Wondering if anyone has any experience with this, how accurate they are, and anything that could trip them up/improve accuracy. So far I’m getting the impression that FBA is not suitable to do this type of prep.

We’re of the opinion that FBA is not suitable to do ANY kind of prep. I don’t trust them at all. We do all our multipacks in house and everything is labeled and packaged “ready to ship” when it arrives at the warehouse.

The rate you mentioned would certainly be worth it if we could trust them to do it correctly , but unfortunately as much as we like FBA, we don’t trust them to do anything and that includes receiving our products :laughing:



Did you do this @GGX ? Any updates yet?

I tracked down the problem actually, it was a warehouse error, they got confused because the label says “XX” units (where each unit is a 2 pack) so they put in XX units instead of twice that amount.