Has anyone recently signed up for a walmart account?

So I was thinking about trying out selling on Walmart and giving FBW a try to see if it’s workable, so I created an account and did step 1 of the onboarding process which is to fill in some information about your company. I did that and after like 5 minutes I tried loading another page and was getting an error so I tried to log back in and got this message:
“Your application has been declined and access to your account is restricted.”
Didn’t even get so much as an email telling me the application was denied, let alone any kind of reasoning.

So I was wondering if anyone’s recently applied and/or has any idea what their requirements are. One issue I could see with my application is they had a mandatory field for website and I don’t have a website.

Yes they wanted to see that. We have websites for our company, and for each of our brands. We provided those.

They called us to “vet us” the only question they asked was if we had UPC codes for our products. We answered yes, and we happen to own them. And yes that is a thing. The (our) Corporation is older than dirt.

@doilyboutique444 gave us some tips to get started with Walmart.


From @Roxy


From @ASV_Vites

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Thanks for the links, looking through the info there now.

I created another account and uploaded a website template and provided that, the application process seems to be moving forward somewhat now, at least it wasn’t instantly rejected like the previous attempt.

I applied a while ago. I think I finally got accepted when I lied with a high enough annual sales number.

Then I said I had 700 SKUs, and on Amazon I do, but I only listed 100 on Walmart. They emailed me and said loke Hey, you said you had 700? I have about 700 today.

In a Facebook Walmart sellers group, some people are getting told that maybe there’s already enough sellers in your category?

No magical answer from me though

Jeez, they’re checking up on new sellers to see if they’re listing the # they stated? That’s a little ridiculous

Old seller here…this happened about 5 or 6 years ago when I started

Ah makes sense. I would hope they have too many sellers now to have the manpower to do that. Personally I don’t want any unnecessary interaction with them.

This is what it looks like now…


Shocked to hear Walmart is denying sellers or telling them a category is saturated.

Thought their goal was to grow the marketplace. Something isn’t adding up here.


The process seems very unprofessional right now tbh. Their onboarding video is a YOUTUBE video. A company of walmart’s size should not be using youtube to host that kind of thing.

Also, my first application was probably auto-denied because there was no actual website entered, though again, it’s kind of unprofessional that they just lock the account instead of providing any kind of meaningful notification. Even Amazon at that point would tell you to re-enter your information instead of just locking you out immediately.

I think most of Amazon videos are embedded YouTube videos. Easier to use YouTube code then to spin up your own media codec

Well, at least the Amazon Seller U pages don’t have ads on their videos (if they’re using youtube to host it they’re paying for it).

Walmart’s is a link to the youtube.com page and you have to watch an ad before it shows you the video. Would be pretty funny if Amazon made a special ad to target walmart’s seller video.

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Valid point!

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We were recruited into Walmart. No issues thankfully. We were given access to an associate to help us through everything who was excellent.

Sorry to hear that they are causing issues for you.

Walmart is romancing Chinese sellers now so maybe that’s where their focus is now. SMH

Well, if this registration attempt gets rejected next time I’ll put some random chinese website as my website address. Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

Very strange. I thought all you needed was an EIN # and a valid address to get into Walmart.

Maybe things have changed in the last 7 months.

Well, it’s still saying “We’re reviewing your info right now.”

I did register on a weekend though so it’s very possible that they only approve accounts during normal business hours.