Has anyone used the Seller Messaging Assistant?

We are looking at using the SMA to assist customers over the weekend and to reduce demand on our CS. Has anyone used this and does anyone have any recommendations(maybe another AI program)?

I wouldn’t suggest using anything other than a real human being that you trust to take care of buyers at any given time. You have control over the narrative, not a bot or 3rd world country assistant that does not know your business.


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I handle all communication myself. Of course I don’t get very much communication to begin with.

From a customer standpoint I really hate when websites use the automated ai chat. I have found most often the ai can only help as far as you could do it myself….order tracking, etc. I’ve actually never had a “successful” ai support chat…any issue I’ve had I’ve had to end up with a real support person.

So I am curious just how much time it would really save ? And then you still need to spend time looking at all the support requests that got handled to make sure everything was handled the right way right?

I would look at all your past communication/support cases now and see just how many could have been automated? Like for everyone person that asked for tracking how many went one direction “ok thanks” (needing no follow up) vs the other direction “tracking says delivered but it’s missing!!!” (Follow up needed)

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Is SMA an actual program available to sellers? I tried researching it and nothing points me to that conclusion. Looks like an Amazon tool for customers available on all products. Most likely programmed to spout off listing details if asked by a customer.

I agree that being able to partially enable an AI bot to answer questions would be helpful. But you would have to train the bot in your specific business and replies. I am not aware of any service that currently offers this for Amazon.

It is actually offered by Amazon itself.

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Interesting, I could not find any information on that. Is there a link to the program details?

I found this mention on WikiHow:

…so I’m wondering if SMA is only available to FBA Sellers or FBM Sellers using CSA. :thinking: